America And Globalization

A reflection on the globalization and the result of it in the peoples of the North America and Sul. The dissertao had base authors as Canclini and Ianni, who are studious of the globalization process. What it is understood by manifest globalization in the events and referring interpretations to that is international, multinational, world-wide and global. It is seen in the social life and the cultural expressions. is on to the capitalism, socialism, Ocidente, modernity and after-modernity. The society if unified and if it totalized. The easiness of communication and interaction between the peoples is notable, with the aid of the medias and the technology. The thought now leaves of being segmented and passes to be universalizado.

The result of all this process in the culture of the peoples is the homogenization, with as much transference of traditions, values, identities, the peoples had been if unifying. Bringing for inside of each one, a little of the other. The globalization leads to the disruption of national for global and of segmented characteristic for. From what she was seen on the globalization and this process of change that the world comes suffering, we can understand the way as the people are if becoming similar. As the ideas and customs do not exclude the people and they join yes them. Word-Key: Globalization.