Home Appliances And Health

If you're reading this, then surely you have a PC at home, but still connected to the Internet. In this article I'd like to talk about how much over the last ten or fifteen years has changed our life for the better. Today, almost every flat you can find a few TVs, computer, vacuum cleaner, washing machine and other electronic devices that greatly facilitate our daily life. But at the same time the Internet began to emerge materials that are accused of all of our electronic assistants in harming our body. After all, everyone knows that all that plugged in creates an electromagnetic fields, which can harm the human body, especially considering that the level of man-made electromagnetic radiation exceeds natural in a few thousand times. And there are three major household appliance that can bring the greatest harm to human health. The first such device – a computer which irradiates a user created high-frequency radiation as a monitor and system unit. The only thing I would like to notice – is that sedentary work and the constant focus on the picture screen can damage the human body is much larger than the small level of electromagnetic radiation.

Thus, damage to a computer connected to the mainly with the mode of operation on it. The next bad device – it's dryer. Yes, regular home dryer can damage your health as well as generate a powerful magnetic field, but in order for you to have at least a headache should be kept close to It included a hairdryer at least several hours. Another harmful for human electronic device – a home cordless phone. If it is installed in your house, even the manufacturers recommend not to use it continuously throughout the long period of time (at least an hour). On the other hand it is worth considering that the cell phone uses a much more powerful signal, but the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation from it has not been proved. So that is still produced by the comfort of home appliances are much more valuable than the risks.