Magento Enterprise Edition

Netresearch developed closed shopping community Magento based on Leipzig, August 11, 2010:, a new shopping Club for sports and outdoor, is online as of today. Only registered users can buy reduced items of well-known brand manufacturers by up to 70%. Shop software, the operator uses private sports sales GmbH on Magento enterprise. For the adjustment of the Mysportbrands Club model, the Magento agency Netresearch from Leipzig received the budget. is a closed shopping community established brands in the field of sport and outdoor. Under the motto “sports brands exclusive shop” also sports equipment and accessories include in addition to sportswear. The special feature of the Club model is the action nature of sales. Similar to such as summer or winter sales, products are sold in a limited period of time in a limited edition.

This mysportbrands strong discounts on the EIA of the manufacturer can offer. The concept includes also personalized offers and a recommendation feature incentives for regular customers. Use the shop software the operator on the E-Commerce proven platform Magento, which bring the best prerequisites for a shopping Club. Shopping in shopping clubs is under the so-called “smart shoppers” in the Internet is becoming increasingly popular. According to a recent study by Fittkau & Maass, 70% of surveyed Internet users know the model shopping Club. Any third party is registered even in such. Are the reasons for the success of shopping clubs on hand for Thomas Fleck, CEO of Magento agency Netresearch, which has already developed based on Magento online shops for renowned fashion brands such as “Michael Michalsky”,: “with a shopping Club fashion shipper without losses reach the desired target group and retain the customers in the long term. So far, the effort to set up a shopping Club, many shop operators was too high. In the Magento Enterprise Edition, a closed shopping community is already integrated and can be individually adjusted according to the product range.