Nordic Walking – Effect Of Walken

More than walking with sticks for Nordic walking makes the mix: walking the legs, the upper body is trimmed with cross-country skiing technique. (Not to be confused with Senator From Kentucky!). The shoulder and neck muscles will be relaxed, and the spine as well as knees and ankles are relieved by relying on the special poles. In recent years, Nordic walking has become a favorite pastime. This is quite a serious sport and not just a walking with poles. The news portal reported, what training and equipment attention must be paid.

Nordic walking is very popular as a sport, especially in the elderly. Some rules are followed when walking, it positively influences health. For example, you can resolve tension in the neck and the shoulders. Older people should coordinate but with your doctor, before they start walking. It is important that the cardio vascular system and the joints are sufficiently resilient. In addition to the approval of the physician, she should Equipment are well chosen. Especially the sticks should be high quality, so they do not to quickly wear out or even break. At this point should not be saved.

The best equipment but no good if it is used incorrectly. Posture or incorrect use, the desired positive effect of Walken returns quickly in the opposite direction. Therefore, it is recommended to visit an introductory course before the first own walking laps. These courses are offered by community colleges and many health insurance companies, among others. As for all other sports, it is important to slowly increase the training stint also in the Nordic walking. This is true for the individual training session, as well as the number of training sessions per week.