Omron Healthcare

Supporting running tools help in controlling and optimizing their performance pleasant strengthen warm temperatures, as well as the enthusiasm for sports excellence at the Olympics the inner need to exercise more and attract young and old athletic, in the fresh air. Active people improve their emotional well-being as well as your base fitness and can handle loads of everyday work life easier. Supporting running tools help in controlling and optimizing their performance not only professionals, but also ambitious recreational runners. JogStyle Omron high efficiency easy handling runner looking for an uncomplicated and efficient running computer are at the JogStyle by Omron Healthcare found. After a few presets, the device is ready for use directly and offers a variety of practical functions, which support the daily training. The small activity monitor measures in addition to the important run values such as distance, time, current and average speed in addition to the Calorie consumption and fat burning of the runner.

The individual data processing enables weight, size, stride length and time after entering the basic data. The exact calibration of the device, the user runs a lap with known length of 400 meters to record personal race pace as step length. To measure either in the runners bag carries the runner the handy device or uses practical fastening clip for waistline or lapel. To exercise, workout mode is activated by the runners holding the Start button for about three seconds. Now the user can read his current speed such as distance travelled. By pressing the Start button, it stops the recording and receives the current results of the barrel. Via the mode button, the user can access at any time on the results of the measurements of the 24 h area and retrieve data on total distance, stride length, calorie consumption and burning body fat. Using state of the art the JogStyle monitors all movements by the slow walking three-dimensional sensor technology to the stadium Sprint.