Each workout can change the number of exercises, their sequence, the number of sets and repetitions in them. You can also vary the width of the grip, tempo movements, the angle of the bench, etc. Error 5. Lack of concentration. I think that will not open secret to anyone, saying that the solution to any difficult situation, tasks, and requires more mental effort and hence, the total concentration. However, in the gym, many do not even remember the concentration! They chat between exercises.

What kind of deep immersion in the training process can there be? Without concentration can not be no significant muscle growth, as well as getting rid of excess fat. Remember. In a sport in the first place is mental preparation and attitude, effort of will! This once again confirmed the British study Psychologists (Oh, those Brits, they just like to investigate anything, even bread, do not feed). According to their study, the deep concentration on the training leads to increased results by 20-25 percent. Solution: You can wear headphones and attempt to dissociate itself from the outside world. However, the right thing – attract fanatical and dedicated partner who will not let you not for a moment distracted from training! And do not let the rest between exercises more than two minutes. On their practice tell: 1.5 minutes between sets rest – the best solution. Mistake 6. Lack of purpose. It is not necessary to go to the gym with the naive hope that tomorrow you lift a little more than today, and so your muscles become a little more.