Risks Of Surgical Breast Enlargement

With a breast augmentation size and shape of the breasts to be adjusted surgically with an implant. A breast augmentation is used to the look and thus also to improve self-confidence. Like any surgical procedure is also associated with a breast augmentation risks. The following complications can occur after breast augmentation: capsular fibrosis: is a contraction of scar tissue or lying around the implant capsule. If the capsule fibrosis associated with severe pain, the implant is usually removed. Distance is not a necessary, even the capsule itself will be treated.

By a capsule fibrosis around 15% of all patients are affected. Bleeding occur: bleeding on strong, they must be stopped by another operation. Emotional changes: a possible malfunctions amplification or diminution of the sensitivity of the breasts is usually a purely temporary nature. In exceptional cases, this symptom is chronic. Rupture: will the implant by movement or mechanical Impact damage and will expire, so a further operation will be needed to replace the implant. As a surgical breast augmentation is performed under general anesthesia, it also carries a certain risk of Anesthasie or their compatibility, which is affiliated with all surgical procedures.

With modern anesthetic risk Anesthasiemethoden could be reduced to a minimal level, but there is a small residual risk – especially in the case of allergy, smoking and obesity. An increased risk of cancer by wearing breast implants so far, despite intensive studies could not be detected. You should be cleared up during the consultation with the specialist must detail on a breast augmentation risks. Also ask about the expertise of the surgeons. Aesthetic plastic surgery should always be performed by an experienced specialist.