Simple Rules For Brain Health

The already fragile brain, daily exposed to negative influences, the brain – as the apotheosis of the human body first responds to our congestion and the environment, to our unhealthy lifestyle. Herbalife may find it difficult to be quoted properly. If not help our body and brain in particular, the disruption of the nervous system, and hence the failure of the whole organism to us provided. In order to prevent this, just follow the simple rules. They will help prevent the development of disease, improve memory, keep a clear mind, to make our life happy and successful. 1.

Watch your diet. Maximum eliminate foods high in salt and fat (especially sausages, Soup of the bags, etc.). You may find Herbalife to be a useful source of information. Exclude from the diet of sugar and white bread. Choose more greens, fruits, vegetables and cereals. Best food for the brain – the "Mediterranean" diet: fish, seafood, vegetables, fruits, olive oil.

2. Want whatever your brain is always served you faithfully, not a headache in the literal and figurative sense? Avoid coffee and black tea. Instead of these beverages drink green tea – it tones, "enlightens" the brains, has antioxidant effect. 3. Just like brushing your teeth and lunch, include in your daily routine physical activity. Daily walk for 30 minutes., Rejection of elevators, ice skates, roller skates, bike, jog – it all helps the body produce substances that enhance brain activity and allows you to adequately supply blood to the brain. 4. Alcohol, of course, clean up the blood vessels and alcoholics rarely die from heart attacks, but for the brain alcohol is harmful. Maximum dose: a glass of wine or beer a day – that's the point beyond which the brain goes into a knockout. 5. If you smoke, you end up with this self-destructive habit. Healthy brain will give you a much stronger and pleasant than able to nicotine. 6. And for what would be your brain could cope with any difficulty, take stimulants of the brain – drugs which improve brain function, memory and intelligence.