Club Scene Festival

24-26 June 2010 in the brain Center (in the Podewil) theater. Contact information is here: Tiffany Espensen. Policy. Action. The club scene Festival celebrates 5 years! Theater rocks! This is some may be new, because neither fat music systems, still glamorous stars there play the main role. Since its inception 2006 Berlin youngsters prove however every year that they just can play on the boards of the stage, like others on her guitar: the club scene Festival is the meeting of the Berlin youth theatre clubs and 2010 it has his 5th anniversary.

This means: over 130 teenagers on a bunch who are willing to put in their productions, be exchanged in workshops and together tinkering on large objects, Opera music, spoken word, dance, street theatre and much more. “The resulting works will be presented on June 26, the last day of the Festival, during a demo, where the motto is: more theater must be!” All are urged to advocate more space of art and culture in education and public and to demonstrate. Meeting point: June 26,. GRIPS mid, 2.30 pm this year are the Youth Theatre Club of the following Berlin stage: Theatre GRIPS, Gorki theater, Deutsches Theater, Abou HAU, Lichtburg, theatre, theatre at the Parkaue, theatre, State Opera unter den Linden, theatre beam, vagabonds stage and theatre. The topic of theatre. Policy. Action “launched by the GRIPS Theatre as this year’s host in the game and has much to do with the public commitment, that is over 40 years of the children’s and youth theatre and also the local youth club, the Banda Agita, Representatives of all participating clubs meet since November last year regularly, in terms of content to the club scene and preparing organisationally yourself with. From 24 to 26 June 2010 it is Center to the Alex for all young people in the GRIPS: reclaim the stage!

Visual Arts Instruments

Russian artist provides their series of crafted musical instruments in the style of the time before music and painting Elena Beresnjak (48) are combined by the Ukrainian artist in a special way, to produce unique artworks from simple musical instruments. Violins, cellos and violas are decorated by the artist in a unique painting technique and are real unique in their way. Now there is a complete instrument series, the one at gallery/instruments / can marvel at. To deepen your understanding Wendy Rene is the source. The Vita by Elena Beresnjak is marked by her love of music and painting. =.9dfd18cb7288’>US Senator from Vermont on most websites. Early, she has dedicated to the Visual Arts and at the same time never ceased to pursue her musical talent.

Born in Odessa (Ukraine), the artist initially completed a musical studies at the Conservatory of Odessa, and finished it with a diploma as a concert pianist. By the way, Elena learned different painting techniques in the Museum fur Angewandte Kunst. This knowledge deepened it at the art academies of Moscow and St Petersburg. Since the 1990s, she lives with her husband in the Lower Saxony Diekholzen and works as a freelance artist. In addition to oil paintings, drawings and acrylic paintings are currently painted musical instruments at the heart of her artistic work. These include mainly painted cellos, violas and violins. All musical instruments are hand-painted. Beresnjak itself is called tattoo art”this technique.

The painted musical instruments is real unique, which draw many viewers from the first moment in its spell. Beresnjak is a global first artist who applies this technique to musical instruments. While these are first primed and then painted with acrylic paint. “All instruments have, for Beresnjak typical, Tatoo art” on. It is a style of art, where many small images result in a completely new image. Often it is the small motifs abstract faces. “You look at E.g. the painted violin Badinerie” closer to, you will quickly realize that is also this subject from many small abstract faces is composed. The special charm is that it recognizes new motifs in every look or combined other together. On the violin fall as individual motives by their colour definition seem like autumn leaves. The painted musical instruments are typically exhibits and less for the use of musical thought. However, there is also the possibility to continue to use the instrument. For this it has to be treated but after the painting by a luthier.