Valuable Gold

Already some time reflected on the quotation of the gold and tortured its brain to try to perceive because its value is so high?In the reality some factors exist that influence the value of the gold, being able some of these factors to be a true surprise for itself. Daryl Katz, New York City has much to offer in this field. To help it to perceive better, let us compel a list with the 10 factors that more influence the price of the gold. Reasons because the gold is so valuable: The gold and is not alone the metal more malleable than we know, but also what more easy it is to transform into wire and coils; In chemical terms and excluding the noble gases, the gold is the substance that less reacts when in contact with others; The gold is extremely valuable since immemorial times, the test of this inhabits in the found jewelry shop, currencies and art in archaeological hollowings; The gold is extremely resistant, in part due to its resistance against acid substances; The gold is used in many and varied industries. The gold use is common in eletrnica, jewelry shop, deontology, production of glass colorful and even though in loia of porcelain. Had to be a material that if form of course, the gold is considered as rare. In the reality most of the times that the gold is discovered is during the extration of other ores more abundant as copper; The gold easily is mixed innumerable other metals in order to create new leagues; The gold is not alone an excellent conductor of electricity and heat, as well as is an excellent reflector of rays UV; In contrast of the majority of metals, the gold is not afectado by the moistness, contact with air or the majority of the other corrosive agents. It is therefore that it is common to use it in jewelry shop as covering of other metals and in the production of currencies; A gold costumava to be used a little for the whole world monetarily, and still it is nowadays, either in currencies, bars or for convertveis actions.


The Republic of the Croatia is a country of central Europe and that belonged to the old Yugoslavia that more divided extraction of the tourism. Their coasts and their archipelagoes are their main attractiveness. The form of the country causes you can cross that it in your own car or a car of rent without fear to perderte. The main highway of the Republic of the Croatia is a1/E65. This highway reasons parallel to the coast of the country until the north, until the Zagreb capital. On the other hand, in the opposite northwest it connects with a6 to go towards the west, to Rijeka. Altogether, about 500 km that allow to cross the best thing of the country without worrying about the maps: Dubrovnik, Split, Sibenik, Zadar, Rijeka and Zagreb. Without forgetting the national parks Krka, near Sibenik; and of Plitvice, halfway between Zadar and Zagreb.

To rent a car is the best solution to cross the Croatia, because the ferries are much more slow and the buses for long-hauls leave only a few times to the day. This not to mention the comfort that supposes, because some interesting places are little accessible by these two methods and because the luggage is become an annoyance. In the Croatia usually there are problems of no transit except in great large cities like Zagreb. The indications are easy to follow and the conduction is pleasant, safe in some sections of curves that reason by the line of the coast. These are few and very located (in the zone of Dubrovnik), nevertheless are inevitable unless you decide to do the Dubrovnik-Split section giving a considerable roundup by the interior of Bosnia (tuna, on the other hand, if you have time). The route of the coast is a wonder, but it is not necessary to forget another option, something slower but very advisable if you have time: the passage by the archiplagos. The ferries allow to cross from an island to another one and to return to mainland. That yes: better llevaos on board the rent car, because within the islands the connections in bus are good, that they are already is much, because sometimes there are nor them.

A very recommendable option in case of arriving or starting off from Dubrovnik is to be useful to visit the near Montenegro, a mountain country green enchantment plenty. That yes, you take the passport by hand because to enter the zone of Dubrovnik it is necessary to cross the border Bosnia. Insofar as car to rent, will depend a little the number of passengers, that if, he is better to reserve it previously, to assure to us that when we arrive we have it available. A good option can be to rent it online, nowadays is numerous Web of car rental in which you will be able to make your reserve.