Bernie Ecclestone

But, as I say, the way in which the F1 is mounted is very similar to as Americans do, by prepending the spectacle and surrounding racing, to the actual competition. It is not something supermodel would like to discuss. So it is that makes me laugh when some pilot (as did Fernando Alonso in his day) uses what of me game life in each Grand Prize to justify an astronomical salary. Life is played or not, I have no intention of commenting on it. But I must say that I do not think that it is paid much or little a pilot for that reason. Rather, as in any other sport, pays to an athlete based on what generates economically. Cristiano Ronaldo will play life also every Sunday? It is laughter. Finally, you can blame the boss of F1, Bernie Ecclestone, many things, but also must recognize him that he has raised a sport almost a religion for many fans.

In fact, seems to lie as we complain about all the boring thing might be, and how each race we sat with the nerves to the skin surface, biting us fingernails as posesos behold the greatness of the empire built by Ecclestone, there where all pilots want to be, where the spies are so important in the era of the cold war, where they are the most beautiful girls, where budgets are astronomical (although try to set limits), where egos are stronger that the world of cinema or rock also we read that there is where are the best drivers in the world. Well, I don’t know if I should call that into question also, because those who compete in rally competitions I don’t think sean non either but there is again. Nobody can ensure that it is true, but all the paraphernalia that which has surrounded the F1 makes phrases are heard as well. In fact, the F1 must generate news quite regularly, something similar to what is happening in Spain with the football in the summer. News, news, news and most are things that fail to arouse the interest of no one. But that’s the sport. Some you love, others it they hate each other, but nobody indifferent. Just like the great empires of history.