Correct Rules Of The Road

4. The advantage of mahouts animals before the driver – to bring down an animal can be eaten, and the car is not. 5. Stop – a place where they filmed the windshield wipers. 6. Park – a place where they filmed it. 7.

The road – all under the wheels. 8. Ditch – a place where Inspector of hides. 9. Traffic island – what remained from previous walkers. 10. Roadway – the highway after a tank column. 2.

obyazahhosti DRIVERS: 1. The driver must inspector fine. 3. obyazahhosti Pedestrians: 1. Pedestrians must driver health. 4. obyazahhosti PASSENGERS: 1. In case of accident to break the glass. 2. When a catastrophe to break the vehicle. 5. sighaly traffic controller: 1. Arms stretched to the sides – repels birds. 2. Arm extended forward, legs crossed – the end duty. 3. The arm is lifted up – it will rain. 6. sighaly DRIVER: 1. Arm is bent at the elbow – 'my car is better. " 2. Curling a finger to his temple – "Your car is better." 7. sighaly Pedestrians: 1. Running a red light – 'I am blind. " 2. Starting the kibble after vehicle – 'I'm wet. " 3. Knock a bucket at the car – 'you wash? " 8. reminder IHSPEKTORU: 1. For speeding can be fined even asphalt. 2. If the paver speed is not exceeded, it can be fined for quality asphalt. 3. If the driver does not come out of the car, the inspector gives him the honor. 4. If the driver is called the sergeant friend – he was drunk. 5. And if the sergeant's rank and file names – it is general.