Train Stations

Currently, in Moscow there are 9 railway stations. Belarusian railway station, the Kazan Railway Station, Yaroslavl Station, Kursk Station, Kiev Station, Leningrad Station, Paveletsky station, Riga station and Savyolovsky station. It is also planned to build 2 more buildings stations: Evrovokzala and South Station. From all stations in local trains go "electric" and all except the long train Savelovski repetition. Since recently launched a number of areas "Aeroexpresses" next to the city's airports, "Vnukovo", "Domodedovo", "Sheremetyevo", which helps in faster times to reach the airport in connection with the strong road congestion the city.

Belorussian Station: Built in 1870, changed its name several times. Located on Tverskaya Zastava Square, attended by long-distance trains west and to aeroexpress Moscow airport "Sheremetyevo". Kazan Railway Station, was erected in 1862, in 1913 was renamed the "Kazan" from "Ryazan". Serves train driving directions and commuter trains to Ryazan and by Moore. Kiev railway station, situated on an area of the Kiev railway station. Serves trains in the direction of Kaluga, long-distance trains depart from the station in Bryansk and then to Kiev.

Just go with the Kiev railway station Aeroexpress to the airport "Vnukovo". Leningrad Railway Station, is connected by rail to Moscow railway station in St. Petersburg. Effective from 1851, changed its name several times, with Nicholas in October and Of October in Leningrad. From the station go to a train to St. Petersburg, Novgorod, Pskov, Petrozavodsk, Murmansk, Helsinki, Tallinn and other Paveletsky station, located on the square Paveletskaya. From here long-distance trains to the Middle and Lower Volga region, Kazakhstan, Central Asia and Caucasus. Just commuter trains and Aeroexpress to the airport "Domodedovo. Paveletsky station was built in 1900. Riga station, built in 1901. Receives and sends connections to Riga, and the Great Luke and trains westward in the direction of Istra. From Savelovsky station trains depart to Dubna. Built in 1902. The first time was name "Butyrsky station" as it is located on Butyrskaya area. In the Yaroslavl station in 2004 for the first time went fast train Express satellite, which connected the capital with the suburban town of Mytishchi. Launch This composition has reduced travel time between points on 18 minutes. Yaroslavsky railway station was built in 1862. Just go to the station, long-distance trains to the Urals, Siberia and Vladivostok and China's capital, Mongolia and North Korea. More recently, to buy a train ticket was not necessary to go to the station and stand in the checkout queue, because there were organizations closely working with "Russian Railways" and selling in parallel with the cash registers "RZD" train tickets, which greatly facilitates the work of removing their desks and busy lives of the passengers. In these organizations, there are websites with forms for searching and booking train tickets and couriers that carry passengers tickets at a convenient time and place. In the same sites you can see the train schedule and addresses of stations. You can also come to the office and in good conditions and without waiting to write out a ticket on the date of your stay.