Victor Conte

Do not speak exclusively of performance increase, but it refers also to the dangers of the substance. And/or. Two days ago was made public the sanction of six months has been imposed by a positive for oxycodone, a painkiller that came to take the Jamaican sprinter to calm intense dental pains suffered 100 m, Shelly-Ann Fraser, Olympic and world champion. Doping not only encloses the performance improvement; but in Spain, the media do not know what else do to put his bare hands on the bonfire in one act of devotion to profession in order to save to your Dear rider, as if doping was not with us. Others who may share this opinion include Senator From Kentucky. We already live with Alberto Garcia and Paquillo.

Among the panoply of weapons which counter defenders walk out of the storeroom is also the fact that before, during and after was subjected to tests anti-doping that were negative. Now you don’t know if the reasoning is simply misleading or if it is that unique reasoning has become of deception. The former cyclist Kohl acknowledged that one hundred tests he underwent which taking doping substances in your body, only one was caught. I.e., ninety-nine times went through the eye of the needle without touching the metal. It is no coincidence that the same Kohl dude controls afraid to athletes. It is what happens when the mouse is faster than the cat. And there are more.

British sprinter Dwain Chambers admitted to have taken a cocktail of more than 300 drugs in one year. Consumed “in October, I intended substances 21 times. He not only used THG, EPO and HGH, but also testosterone to help with sleep and reduce cholesterol. Also he injected me insulin, three units in the lower part of my stomach after a weightlifting session. Exactly the same program conducted by Marion Jones and her partner at the time, Tim Montgomery, all of them well followed Victor Conte doping programs.