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LEGAL METROLOGIA AND STATIONS RADIO-BASE (ERB' S) Luiz Fernando Mirault Young chicken, Inmetro, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, Summary: The article analyzes the metrolgicas importance of the Legal Metrologia and its bases as form of if establishing the verification of the physical parameters that characterize the Stations Radio-Base (ERB' s) of cellular telephony installed in urban zone, responsible for the transmission of not ionizing electromagnetic radiation, in order to supply an efficient control by means of measurements that satisfy the devices legal, in compliance with to the complementary legislaes, supplying elements the plans of management of ambient quality. It has also the objective to alert on the necessity of control of these installations, that although to be in full functioning in some urban areas, being covered for innumerable rules, and norms, under the responsibility and fiscalization of some organisms in diverse levels hierarchic of the public administration, and concessionaires of mobile telephony who search the quality of operation of the necessary signals, not yet they take care of in clear and efficient way the guarantee of the quality of life for the common citizen, on the basis of the metrolgico control. Words key: Stations Radio-Base (ERB' s), Metrolgicas Bases, Metrolgica1 Trustworthiness. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Healthy Living. 1. INTRODUCTION The importance of the control of the physical parameters that involve the ERB' s in accordance with the metrolgicas bases, is in the measurement and its trustworthy results, in the verification of the ideal parameters of functioning, in the legal establishment of the admitted tolerances, in the standardization and harmonization of procedures, in the elaboration of specific regulation, the accompaniment of the constant innovations declared and divulged by the commercialization, in contraposition to current scene. Literature and its antagonistic consideraes have corroborated with conflicting information on possible or not the adverse effect caused by the emission of the not onizante radiation emitted by the telephony towers, already installed, what it strengthens the necessity of efficient actions.