The difference is clear not. We must avail ourselves of everyday challenges, our requirement in the efforts of the wise energy connection between mind, body and spirit. Measure means then analyze how will coordinate all our energy effort towards the central aim of our lives reach fullness. As you can deduce, it is imperative to not avail themselves of the concentration and focus in this existential journey. And to have better performance in our daily effort and reinforce our energy Bank, without a doubt, we need to have a good food. We must feed ourselves of wisdom, positive friendships, skills, purposeful emotions, falling in love and more. Anything that allows us to take a new impetus.

Love that requires us to not surrender because that emotion or mood we refresh and illuminate us face and life. Love life is the best courtship that we can do. Timing to life itself and its existential process will take us to refine and improve our environment to woo with greater confidence and security to that amor-vida. So they say that he is falling in love. Our mental, physical and spiritual vanity will be careful not to leave life-seduce and we start to say I love you. And for this purpose the existential cosmetology recommends us the following for good care and motivational exercise: lives and accept the challenges.

And if you think surrender, because surrender! So, surrender to not failing, not to abandon the race, to complain. Surrender to even think of surrender. Always remember that life is movement. Hence comes the word motivation indeed. Only that we need to motivate us with discipline because that does not confuse with living in the euphoria. And this recalls the following sentence: when the Archer sharpens and makes straight his arrows, the teacher directs his scattered thoughts. Buddha. Always remember. Exercising the love of life. From your land, your family, to your profession, your talents, your friends, your challenges, your alleged limitations, children and their future, old age and wisdom. To you, to you, and to you. And understand once and for all and although it is a phrase which in appearance is trivial; It is quite the contrary, is full of wisdom: what matters is not the end but the process. When actually understood, but above all, I applied in my life that premise, principle I stopped a person be neurotic and without apparent direction, in addition to living in a constant state of frustration. From the moment that I changed my approach to my life became more challenging, I became more disciplined and human delivered. I also understand that the speed not only boils down to the question of time management, is aimed at the Supreme idea of continuous improvement. We must act with full humility with our analysis other factors like the friction generated by the speed decrease. The Athletics of life helps us to be persevering and tenacious. And it is also valid to rest, is not the same thing that laze.