Communicating Correctly

On the things that are not always known has better opinion. Leibniz. Dedicated a: Yesenia. Who finally listens to and follows my advice to me. We know beforehand that the approach that we must give him to which is our business by Internet is the one to generate and to provide value content. It would even sound logical.

Every day increases the proportion of people who look for in the Internet valuable information that she responds and/or she solves a problem or restlessness. No longer it is used only to entertain. Continue to learn more with: Luiz Ildefonso Simões Lopes. So if we try making money writing, we must be totally conscious of the great responsibility and opportunity to optimize ours blog. For it, we must well clearly know our main intention in our business. However, I believe that up to here we have been speaking of the content in a valuing sense of bottom. It is moment of which we begin to reflect on forms of the writing and the communication. Complementing the question that suggests the title of this article, we will be able to ask: How to use the words? What type of language we must use? We must write in first person or in third? We must avoid technicalities? Which must be the standard extension of the document? Once again, as it happens in all the offices, in the one of the writing it is not the exception: as apprentice we dominated to the basic parts of the task and with our own experience and creativity, we are redescubriendo our potentials. He is as well as the artist becomes.

I consider that the main restlessness that we must work is the one to have the certainty that our text, once has been read, included and learned, on what looked for; it is possible and desirable that a participation is generated in the dialogue. That is to say, perhaps during the process of the reading and assimilation of the content, new restlessness were generated that us could raise like readers and we (if it is to our reach), to solve those new restlessness. To have the certainty that we are communicating of efficient way can measure with the level of feed back that would occur between the writer and the reader. Thus, the benefit would be mutual, every time the feedback generates new content. We do not have to focus all our energies in the preoccupation to feel the certainty that we are writing correctly. Rather we would have to be obsessed to invite to the reader to the reflection. By the way: What opinion you have with respect to the ideas that I propose in this article? You have some suggestion, critic or contribution that to do on the matter. A greeting and thanks to read to me.