Health Damages

If you are from people who used to eat others you will be interested in this information. This is a very bad habit that has spread in our society. There are some damages relating to eat a lot or very quickly. We propinamos these damages are our health almost every day so it is very important that you take control over the situation rather than continue causing problems for your health. Below you will find the 2 major damage that may be causing you to your body by eating others. If you eat too much and too fast, will cause you much damage to his stomach.

The diaphragm and lungs will suffer the consequences when they are with their stomach. The human stomach has the ability to expand up to three times its size if you eat too much. When this happens, he is difficult breathing and you can feel dizzy. Do these symptoms sound familiar? If you eat not too all the food goes once the stomach. Why the esophagus, feels stuck which may cause long-term nausea, and never more can enjoy a meal quietly.

This is one of the causes of many diseases and ailments that people suffer after a good meal. It is necessary to thoroughly review your eating habits. Not only is eating the correct food but also eat the portions indicated that so his body does not suffer the consequences. Remember that the reason for eating is primarily to obtain energy and nutrients necessary to perform our daily activities. Another goal when eating is the enjoy the banquet, not getting sick. So use extreme caution when it comes to eating their food.