Lactating Women

Proverb says: “Every child is the mother one tooth”. This is the female nature, because all the necessary vitamins and minerals a child receives from its mother. Therefore, the main condition for full development the child is the rational nutrition expectant mother during pregnancy. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Daryl Katz. Possible, all products must be fresh and not subjected to intense cooking. The diet of the pregnant woman should be enough protein, vitamins, micro-and macro (especially – calcium, phosphorus, fluorine). During pregnancy the female body should be 1,0-1,2 g of calcium per day. The main source of calcium milk and dairy products, so for example, a liter Milk contains a daily rate of calcium. It is also necessary to use the cottage cheese and cheese is not less than 100 grams. per day. However, for the prevention of dental caries only one calcium is not enough, so the menu expectant mother must present fish and meat, contain a useful macro elements such as phosphorus. Another useful trace mineral for teeth – fluoride contained in sufficient quantity in an ordinary black tea, as well as carrots, parsley and fish.

Expectant mother should limit the amount of carbohydrates, especially refined sugars (cakes, candy, sugar), is much more useful to use the sugar in the fruit. A pregnant woman must be fully eliminate alcohol consumption, smoking, and to minimize the consumption of coffee. During pregnancy, women should especially be monitored closely for oral hygiene. Use a toothbrush with only mild or normal stiffness of bristles and Flos (dental floss) to remove plaque from between the teeth. Always consult with your doctor, he will teach you to brush your teeth, pick up toothpaste and elixir for rinsing which has good effects on the microflora of the mouth. During pregnancy, women should visit the dentist more often than usual, so you can prevent serious illness, without compromising the health of your Child. We can recommend the following frequency of visits to your dentist: the first time after the diagnosis of pregnancy before 20 weeks – once in 3 months, 20 to 32 weeks – once a month, after 32 weeks – twice a month dental treatment can be safely started after 12 weeks of pregnancy. Never put off visiting the dentist, any problem can be solved at an early stage without any consequences for your health and your baby. When visiting the doctor must inform that you are expecting a baby in the arsenal of dentistry “Dent-Profi sufficiently effective and safe health products. The first step to the health of your child you’re done, read, these recommendations. For detailed advice contact our specialists. We wish you and your child with good health!