In the student hostel in Moscow, the students decided that they wound up in a room Barabashka: at night, heard a strange knocking fractional. Finally found the culprit nighttime fears. Mouse dragged the students of drying. It is their dragged through the radiator steam heating and drying were kept since the year before, so they rattled! A case where the bag of nuts was kept in a closet, where people seldom went. Once, when they came to visit in the closet order, it turned out that the ‘order’ is induced: in the corner lay only an empty bag. After a long search, nuts were found in different corners.

Brownies mouse-norushki carefully sorted them into neat slides, covered with paper and cloths, and laid separately damaged nuts. Mice mostly vegetarian, although on occasion with pleasure pamper yourself with something povkusnee. Remember at G. X. Andersen’s wedding Pads in the middle, on the damn cheese crust, sat the bride and groom. Hall, like a corridor, too, was all smeared with lard, no other treats were not, and for dessert, guests twine pea ‘. One eats a little mouse: 2-3 grams a day, but if she had one! When favorable conditions, house mice can grow up to ten times a year, bringing each time for 6-8 mice, and to engage in procreation, they can have a month old. Theoretically, one pair, multiplying in geometric progression for the year will be able to bring the offspring, measured in millions. And we need to communicate to these calculations, the mice more frequently than with flies. However, mice prone to Animal Health. Epizootic – is not just a disease, such as common rodent tularemia. Epizootic – the massive, indiscriminate disease. Then the mice are dying colonies. And the mouse, like many wild animals are able to control fertility. A large gathering of ‘mouse people’ propagation slows down. This ability of house mice is not open very long and not very well studied, but agree, for us it is very useful.