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It contributed to the general knowledge studies of effects of GFP fluorescent and also extended the color palette to cells of different colors. It is known that Shimomura studying the jellyfish Aequorea victoria, a protein found naturally shines a fluorescent green, Martin Chalfie, he knew how to use it to display the infinitesimal gears of life, and Roger Tsien, designed new variants of GFP that shine in different colors, this year shared the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for developing a tool to observe thousands of chemical processes that drive the cellular machinery. In this regard nuertromar org. Learn more about this with Daryl Katz. , Writes that “The number of discoveries that were made from this protein is incalculable as Mario Ermacora, principal investigator of CONICET and a professor of biochemistry at the National University of Quilmes.

It is part of the arsenal of reagents for molecular and cell biology of all laboratories in the world, using antibody-isolated cells in whole organisms, to study the movement of organelles in cells or how proteins are secreted. The uses are absolutely endless. But it also has an incredibly beautiful property, which is illuminative. Biochemical reaction is a very beautiful, very distinctive and very rare fact as Nora reminds Bar of writing the nation’s newspaper of Buenos Aires, where in 1955 an obscure and inexperienced laboratory assistant at the University Nagoya began to consider which shone the remains of a snail if they are moistened, no one imagined that Shimomuya Osamu research, that young man whose education was interrupted by the tragedy of the atomic bomb, would lead to a genuine scientific revolution.