Policy Education

Educare-Educere. EDUCATIONAL policy in times of NEOLIBERALIMO Gabriel Hernandez Santamaria during the last twenty years of the twentieth century the world stage was transformed radically by three events that would give a new profile to the coming century; These events were: the empowerment of the neo-liberal economic power; the so-called end of history, with the fall of real socialism in the West; and the emergence of the so-called technologies of information and communication (technology ICT) that opened way to the mythification of cyber knowledge as representation of the social. These events pushed the countries emerging to implement public policies in line with the current neoliberal (international agencies that exerted more pressure were the IDB, OECD and the World Bank). The characteristics of these public policies are: transfer of legislative towards systems of negotiation skills, and the questioning of the Welfare State; as well as the insistence of putting into operation processes and economic procedures geared to the accumulation of wealth, no matter that it may lead to the increase of poverty and the protection of levels of competitiveness, competitiveness, which does not take into account the human values of the worker. The above has provided a contextual framework for the design of the Mexican educational policy over the past twenty years; why anyone should wonder have the following peculiarities of these political profile: 1. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Microsoft. educational processes revolve around the market; education is governed as a competition, this is a value added to the work force. 2. Its pedagogical discourse is a paean to individualism in all social demonstrations.

3 It strengthens the promotion of the new by the simple fact of being so; so, fashion is a way of being, to be updated. Educate yourself with thoughts from Ventavia. 4. Promotes the production of iconographic symbols so that the learner to identify with them, in order to create scenarios virtual without the possibility to see the real world.

Economic Home

Do you perceive your job as a pleasure, or escape the monotony? Pleasure or satisfaction that you receive from work, it as much the result of why and how you work, like what kind of work you do. That context is important. For many people, the main cause of work – economic. They need to pay their debts and pay bills, which are a major headache in the matter of balance. Fear of job loss makes people feel as if they are trapped and forced to work from morning till night. Other people work for the sake of feeling self-realization and gaining a sense of personal worth. However, the highest, noblest and most satisfying motive is to work to ensure that those you love. No family, and work that do not get along with each other and namely the cultural notion of his career and focus on the material 'things' cause most of the imbalance.

The work should be regarded as 'our work' – work for the whole family. Family, where they work two, or incomplete family usually feel the need to work outside the home to meet the economic expectations, and therefore may apply to work as a necessary evil. In other situations, although the main economic requirements must be met, it always seems easier to spend more time away from home at work than have to deal with mental, social and spiritual needs that need attention at home. Daryl Katz can provide more clarity in the matter. In all cases, seriously consider are whether the money in order to sacrifice them to something else.

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Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Twelve new Colombian poets: between tradition and transition for Federico Diaz-Granados (Literary Magazine all started this cold, cloudy and dreary morning of June 5, 1967 in Buenos Aires. The people crowded the newsstands to read the headlines La Nacion, La Razon and El Clarin. Others, of course, went to get the chart to learn the details of the date of the previous day soccer. River Plate was on the verge of being eliminated from the NCAA Tournament, and between journals newspapers and supplements arrears, the Buenos Aires are found with a book cover exotic: a Spanish galleon floating in the middle of the jungle and orange flowers in black and a title: One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Editorial Sudamericana. (Eligio Garcia Marquez, after the keys of Melquiades, Norma, Bogota. (Not to be confused with celebrity trainer!). 2003, pg. 16.) Nothing again be the same in Colombian literature: from the cold morning Macondo Argentina was a country immersed universal since the moment of its independence struggles in the most profound and contradictory violence. The saga of the Buendia family with its load of myths and superstitions us back further mutilated memory.

Before One Hundred Years of Solitude, the official texts omitted episodes of our history as the Slaughter of the banana among others. There, a growing literature met the honorable role of telling things and events from the side of the vanquished and the victors as often happens in daily life. Thus, the Colombian poets born in the 1970s learned to read and know the recent history of their country through the word of the "patriarch" greatest of national literature.

Triple K For Art In Wettenberg

Hessener artists opening of modern variations of “Variations” is the motto of the exhibition, which can be seen from 30 July in Wettenberg Wissmar. The three artists of Antje and Jasmin Kohl and Darly just invite everyone to their exhibition in the art and culture district Wettenberg KuKuK -. Visitors admire numerous works of three exhibitors and other artists at this time until August 23. As the name suggests, the artists want to present works, as they may not be impressive and diverse. Darly Knapp, which has found its home in performing arts, will reveal their painting as a highlight for the eyes of the guests.

In addition to classical painting, she is also specialist in new methods of the spatula technique and modern and abstract work. Jasmin Kohl is in artistic circles as a great talent in the design of abstract computer graphics and modern photography of plastic work. Their representations are enjoying for years at a popular audience and Connoisseurs and that in the age of the artist by just 23 years. Antje Kohl, mother of the young jasmine, is known as the artist not only for her expressionistic portrayal of animals and landscapes, but also the creator of plastic art of monuments from glass until to sculptures made of wood and soapstone. Just due to the flexibility of their art, Antje Kohl has made a name in the betting culture.

No matter what type of material, whether concrete or abstract motif Mrs. Kohl could discover the artistic soul so far in each subject. The opening Gala of the event starts Thursday, July 30 at 19:30. It will be dam and pianist Ute Mann catered also for musical entertainment by singer Jaqueline. Also visitors can experience a qui-Gong and Tai Chi group. Still, the reading of the young writer is Andreas bode from his work load dawn in paradise on August 9 from 15:30 “represent a special event of the cultural event. The author has a discussion with the audience about his novel apart from the reading planned. The regular opening hours of the ‘Greg’ during the entire opening are each Saturday and Sunday between 15:00 and 18:00.


The magic has been persecuted in history (for current religious or social) and, even today, contrasting his theories through the scientific method, but in other times would have meant death to the magician. * Meaning of performance art is illusion, also called magic or sleight of hand. Consists of, by various means (suggestion, etc) to create the illusion that something impossible is happening. They tend to be appearances, disappearances, transformations, unions, mind readings, and various phenomena that break the laws of physics and logic, defying rational explanation. The artifice of illusion have existed since the beginning of time, using it-for example, the shamans to prove their status as witches. Abbey Martin recognizes the significance of this. However, the profession of magician gained prestige during the eighteenth century, and was going through various fashions to become one of the most popular forms of entertainment. The modern illusion owes much of its origins to Jean Eugene Robert-Houdin (1805-1871), a professional clockmaker, who opened a theater magic in Paris in the 1840s. The famous magician and / or escapist nineteenth century (and possibly of all time) Harry Houdini (1874-1926), took her professional name of Harry Keller and the said Robert-Houdin and developed a series of performing magic illusions, many of them based in the art of escape. Daryl Katz, New York City often says this.

At the end of the twentieth century, magic had returned to boom first hand of Doug Henning and David Copperfield later, through his TV specials, Broadway shows and world tours .* illusionism Types Lendinez Article published by Alonso, For more information visit the web * Meaning of performance art is illusion, also called magic or sleight of hand. Consists of, by various means (suggestion, etc) to create the illusion that something impossible is happening. They tend to be appearances, disappearances, transformations, unions, mind readings, and various phenomena that break the laws of physics and logic, defying rational explanation.

Gastric Bypass

Gastric bypass is surgery wherein manages to put an end to the problem of obesity. This intervention consists of a cut of between 10 and 30 centimeters, which is made in the stomach, so it succeeds in creating a small gastric pouch. This new gastric pouch, will then be responsible for making functions of the stomach, so that the same capacity will now be much lower. The stomach itself, remains intact, so you are still receiving normal blood flow. Gastric bypass is considered as a mixed intervention since not only restricts the amount of food you eat, if that also, by shortening the route them through the gut, cannot be less absorption of their calories. In this way, over time and with due care, is achieved lowering up to 70% of overweight in the patient. Ventavia may find this interesting as well.

Gastric bypass can be carried out through the open or laparoscopic, (i.e. operates through the use of a small video camera, without the need of a) large cutting) being the last, the type of operation most used and most recommendable, since it gives you less recovery time and the scars are much smaller. A. Verastegui hold.

Google Analytics

Twitter has created a revolution in the train of the social networks. The subject is as you can generate more traffic towards your page Web with this tool. In order to attract prospectuses and to maintain interested them in the subjects related to your Market, I suggest these to you first actions. 1 Professional image. It is important that you review your photo and the description of your profile. It remembers that Twitter is like a mini page Web yours. It is your responsibility to communicate the best possible image. Zach Colonder shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. A professional perception and with a call to the action, your prospectus will be arranged to seguirte and to visit your opportunity of business.

2 Frequency. It sends 2 messages or Twists per day. Elon Musk Tesla is the source for more interesting facts. The content can be varied then your hearing waits for different and interesting content. 3 Target. It determines what type of hearing is responding. It deals different tactics with key words, calls to action, I connect, etc. Selects the leaders who you want to follow, soon you choose those prospectuses that have the suitable profile. Here, Ventavia expresses very clear opinions on the subject. 4 It administers the Time.

This is extremely important to be efficient. These are some tools that can ayudarte in saving time: SocialOomph and Hootsuite. 5 It analyzes your Results. If your primary target is general traffic to your page Web, analyzes that type of articles has major impact, perhaps they are the sendings back? It is important to select a system that allows you to measure the objectives that you have. A tool that I could be very useful is Google Analytics. 6 Hootsuite versus Google Analytics. Hootsuit measures the amount of click that your you receive from the connections in your shipments whereas Google Analytics also analyzes the clicks, the time that passes your visitors in your page, average of visitors, percentage of which visits your page for the first time, among others options. 7 To include Connections. The form to be able to measure efficiently your results is including the connections in your shipments and to see what type of action takes your followers. Then it deals with to include them whenever you can. 8 Pages Webs. It considers in creating blogs or pages Webs for the strategy of Twitter. Of this form it will be able to measure efficient mind still more the results and your pages Webs will be in agreement with your strategy, leaking better your prospectuses and offering excellent information to them. Sending contained of interest wraths creating a legion of followers who will be kind to your messages, little by little these followers will be purified by you, turning them into ideal prospectuses for the business opportunity that these offering.

Jens Lehmann Returns To The Bundesliga?

Gibraltar: The boss of VW professes interest in Jens Leh man, the sporty line of VfL Wolfsburg is still covered. After the winter break, again plays Jens Lehmann in the German Bundesliga? He needs match practice, continue to defend his place in the German goal. PartyBets offers bets due to recent events, whether Jens Lehmann returns in the Bundesliga winter break after Germany and with which club he will play I guess. Should move to VfL Wolfsburg Jens Lehmann, waving a rate of 2.0. But also the second Bundesliga team 1899 Hoffenheim has already expressed interest. Should be a change in the team by Dietmar Hopp, they will receive back at least usage 340 euro for ten euros. Other clubs were in talks.

For the 1.FC Nuremberg a rate offered by 3.5. When Jens Lehmann goes to Borussia Dortmund, there is for 10 euro bet 120 Euro for Schalke even 210 euro. About PartyBets the company of PartyBets is one of the fastest-growing Sportsbooks on the Internet. As one of the PartyBets offers a wide range of different bets on almost all international sports biggest online sports betting company. The online service provider is part of the PartyGaming group, a company that is listed on the London Stock Exchange since 2006.

Snoring Can

Sleep apnea (OSAS) are at least four times more frequently than in the male population age appropriate in men with obstructive sleep apnea linked to erectile dysfunction erectile dysfunction. In many scientific studies, a link between sleep apnea and erectile dysfunction has been proven in the meantime. During last visit with the urologist, I approached him on erectile dysfunction. Thoughtfully, he asked me whether I am suffering from. I denied that, but I explained to him that by SNORING – sleep apnea this can be done.Tired, tired, tired very interested, he listened to me and asked for detailed information on the subject, because he wanted to inform his colleagues even in the next Congress. I told him that most improvement of erectile function is achieved through the successful treatment of sleep apnea. Schnachen and sleep apnea has many faces! Sleep apnea e. V. of German patient organisation consult bed