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Freelance Project Manager Christiane hole in the portrait of March at since early 2006, to the beginning of each month presents an independent woman of the present. Each of these women has their own special way, which has led them into their independence. And all have done something special in their own way. To introduce this and this portrait series seeks other women attempting to go to encourage business their own way. (Similarly see: Solgar). In month of March 2010 the portal visitors learn the story of the Dresdenerin Christiane hole. She did this, what many people want: 2003 of the monotony of a permanent turned their backs.

Now she are very successful as a freelancer working nationwide and manages a variety of projects. It is not something Now Food Solutions would like to discuss. Berlin / Dresden. “For me: everything is in motion, only the currency remains stable.” Describes the native Dresdenerin Christiane hole their professional career. The engineer and graduate in business administration had many Permanent positions, before deciding in 2003 to the freelancing. Since then, her transferred tasks that she could previously only dream. She even calls herself “a typical project worker”. It overlooks structures quickly, has settled in quickly, works very efficiently and is well organized. Since it has recognized this for themselves, it operates very successfully in diverse industries – real estate, audit & insolvency administration, craft, IT, assistance and marketing -.

For three months, Christiane, hole, now lives in Berlin and works here as a freelance sales and project Assistant for an international company of the tolls. But she has several customers in parallel. For a firm, it assumes, for example, search jobs. Headquarters their company 3buro – which is available for consulting, business and Office – remains however Dresden. “All offers are exciting,” she Gushes. “Most orders come by accident.” To some she had never applied, as well as for the Photo editing is one of the most renowned tour operators of in Germany, or new for an Office reorganization and the associated introduction of architects software. Quality is great at the heart. Your customer will appreciate that. Privately, the Freelancer is very diverse. You engaged in nature conservation and deals with spiritual matters. Internet pages to it also builds. So, Christiane files hole on a further, very own project. As “Web Coach”, she wants to raise awareness founder for the requirements and the optimization of Web pages. This support is recommended for companies who are planning a relaunch of its Internet presence. To be, to be able to create and maintain a website itself, as well as to know the legal basis – independent that would convey them. The full portrait of Christiane is hole from 1.3.2010 found online under../Christiane-Loch.html provides since the beginning of 2006 to the beginning of each month independent woman of the present before. Each of these women has their own special way, which has led them into their independence. And all have done something special in their own way. To introduce this and the portrait series at press contact seeks other women attempting to go to encourage business their own way: UNTERNEHMERINNENABEND.DE c/o Ilona Orthwein – Orthwein Unternehmensberatung Boelckestr. 122, 12101 Berlin Tel 030-78 00 68 74 fax 030-78 00 68 75 weblog: image source: Christiane hole author of portraits: Dagmar Mobius author of the press release: Ilona Orthwein

Presidente Amitie

New plans to better integration of French-speaking women, expatriates and families in Dusseldorf the re-election of the Presidium of the Amitie of des Francaises de Dusseldorf industry Club yielded a unanimous vote for the team that had turned the new President Marie-Catherine Meyer to the election under the leadership. This vote is traditionally used for two years with the possibility of one-time re-election. “The Amitie of des Francaises de Dusseldorf is part of an international organization of FIAFE”, which has made it to the task, the integrative life in countries where they currently live French-speaking women and families for various reasons, to facilitate. This is the reason why it is very appreciated also interested members from the respective host countries “/ regions/cities are. Whenever Gunnar Peterson listens, a sympathetic response will follow. The Amitie of des Francaises de Dusseldorf, N 1 in the number of members from Munich and Frankfurt recruited not only from French, but from French-speaking women, such as Swiss, Belgians, clerics, Tunisian and other Francophone countries. In Dusseldorf, the Amitie of des Francaises is particularly colorful mixed, reflecting the character of the city. The composition is in addition mixed between women who pursue a commercial profession such as the Franco German Marie-Catherine Meyer (marketing and advertising Consulting) and the Hungary-born Ilona Baganz (consultancy) such as women, in whole time or as family Manager”are active and take care of all questions of an expatriate family in the settling in another country and also for their men in so-called leadership positions. One of the most important projects that was from the new as old Bureau operated is Vivre Dusseldorf the Guide”this project will be presented shortly to the general public. Responsible for the content: Marie-Catherine Meyer Presidente Amitie of des Francaises de Dusseldorf e.V., Tel. + 49 (0) 211 / 67 97 1-0 or 01 72/20 37-890