Does that difference between a treadmill or other? You’ve decided to do a little exercise at home, improve your physical condition? You are an advanced athlete, you need to make rehabilitation or stay in shape? The treadmill offers a cardiovascular workout and helps burn calories. Good use for the proper functioning of the lungs, the heart. To choose a treadmill, you have to know with that frequency more or less want to train and many people at home are going to use the tape to move towards a tape of occasional use, regular, intensive or semi-professional. Eye, the treadmills of occasional use are often used for walking and for rehabilitation. All the features of the machine, you have to look at 4 aspects: 1 – the engine 2 – power structure and the surface of race 3 – console and technologies 4 – L to guarantee the quality and price of the tapes vary according to these elements. 1. The power of the engine: as soon as more horses will have the engine, but life will have your Ribbon by which the motor will make fewer efforts. Highly recommended is a tape with a minimum of 1.5 HP continuous.

Single peak power is an attainable maximum wattage information. If you want to do more than walk, i.e. give more impact to the running base, The Bodyweb recommends at least 2CV in continuous power. 2. The structure and surface of race more economical appliances are generally manufactured in metal. The more expensive have an aluminium structure that better absorbs the shocks of the race.

In addition, many ribbons carry a suspension system to reduce the impact and vibration of the Ribbon in relation to the race. Race surface and the actual size of tape are important elements to take into consideration when choosing your tape. You will have to measure the space you have available to verify if the tape fits.