Society Brotherhood

All these practical move away in them from God. The result is the state of deeper depression, illness of the modern man, total contaminated with deuses of this world. They believe in all deuses, therefore all they lead to the Father and in the reality Gods leave to know the only true. To be Lucifriano is to search the auto knowledge and the auto perfectioning and the auto-accomplishment for the proper effort, through techniques of auto-aid, ocultistas, alternatives, New Age. The ones are unaware of all that ignore the message of God for the humanity who: We are safe for the favour of God, to the one in delivering the Jesus to them, not for workmanships. It is who in it transforms and it perfects for Its power. God in teaches that we must in them keep dependents of it, through Christ Jesus to them. The Espirito Santo makes the workmanship of transformation of our character and life, without let us have that strengtheing in them.

But to trust, following it in Spirit and Truth. We are not self-sufficient. We need God in our Ways. To be lucifriano is to search the reinforcement of the mind. (Meditation, Visualization, vocalization of mantras, activation of chacras).

It is to search the universal agreement for the transformation of the alqumicas energies (the Wakening of the Kundaline). These Practical had led to a common man, as Hitler, to be a devastador leader. Data on the life of Hitler. The New World-wide Order could not be materialize if it was not for the intense activities of some Private Societies in the whole world. We mention World-wide a Private Society, the Society Brotherhood of the Death, whose symbol is a caveira with two crossed bones. The German Society of the Brotherhood of the Death is Society of Thule. Adolf Hitler entered this society in 1919, becoming an adept, under the leadership of Dietrich Eckhart.