Mtv Video Music Awards

The ceremony of MTV Video Music Awards 2010 held on 12 September at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles. American pop singer Lady Gaga has won 8 awards in the categories “Best Video – Bad romance, Best Dance Video,” “Best Pop Video,” “Best Female Video” and “Best Duet, “” Best Choreography, “” Best Direction “,” Best Editing “. At the ceremony Lady Gaga came in costume from the latest collection of Alexander McQueen with ‘mohawk’ of loose feathers on top of platinum hair. It was nominated for Video Music Awards in 13 categories, setting a record MTV. Connect with other leaders such as John R. Gibson here. In eight nominations Lady Gaga declared the winner, edging out second place such strong competitors as Beyonce, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift. Daryl Katz might disagree with that approach. Eminem, which opened in this ceremony was his triumphant speech, has received two awards in the categories of “Best Male Video” and “Best Hip Hop Video”, together with a symphony orchestra played the slow version of his song Not Afraid, and after and Love the way you lie together with Rihanna. But was forced to miss the point of obtaining its own reward. Eminem quickly left Los Angeles to catch a concert in New York.

Teylor Swift, last year received an award for best female video, publicly avenged rapper Kanye West over last year’s embarrassment when he interrupted a speech 19-year old girl, stating that the prize should rightfully belong not to her, and Beyonce. Taylor sang Innocence, emotional song about how she felt after the drama took place at the previous ceremony. Later came forward and Kanye West, also devoted his Runaway last drama. Lady Gaga Sher presented in the category “Video of the Year,” which appeared on stage in a gown of pieces of raw meat. Recall last year’s best work, he was named the clip Beyonce Single Ladies, a shocking platinum blonde got the victory in a rather modest category ‘Best New Artist’. Twenty-four singer Lady GGa (Stephanie Joanne Angelina Germanotta) is at its peak of popularity. Recently, she became the queen of the social network Facebook, typing 10 million fans and setting a record attendance of its pages. Last night MTV Video Music Awards 2010 accompanied by a long list of artists and stars Perry, Nicky Minazh, Justin Timberlake, Sofia Vergara, Jared Leto, Jesse Eisenberg, Andrew Garfield, Ne-Yo, Emma Ctoun and others.

Linseed Weight

The seed of the plant of the linen or linseed is one of the natural remedies that are used in dietetic being able to lower of weight. The linseed helps to lower of weight by its content in fatty acids Omega 3, 6 and 9, necessary ones to maintain the metabolic process in this way and a correct burning fire of calories and by their high fiber content, which produces a great sensation of satiety. Diet of the linseed to lower of weight the diet of the linseed to lower of weight is mainly based on the saciante capacity of this seed, since the linseed increases of weight within the stomach, being able to get to increase up to five times its size, which does that you feel like plenty and satisfied simultaneously. It consists of the taking of a linseed preparation during a month; it is not recommended to follow this diet by more time. It is possible to be gotten to lose until but of 4 kilos. For the linseed preparation it is necessary to boil a spoonful of water linseed, when the water acquires a gummy texture strain the seeds and the juice is taken. It is recommended to once take the treaty of linseed to the day before having breakfast. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Gunnar Peterson.

Other forms to take the linseed stop to lower of weight. The linseed oil; its use is recommended in many diets to become thin. It is possible to be used like dressing of salads. Linseed with yogurt. The linseed with a skimmed yogurt can be mixed, also can be added a spoonful of linseed ground in a cereal cup. The ground linseed can be used to dim chicken or fish. When hamburgers are prepared, the meat minced with a linseed spoon can be mixed. The linseed also helps to that our organism realises the food synthesis of a correct form and is good for the cholesterol. the diet of the linseed, doubtless is healthy and it would help to lower those kilitos you of but, if you want to know other fabulous diets, it only visits: Original author and source of the article.