Leo Tolstoy

Five minutes from the hooter, to DC "Meliorator", which hosted the event. Total: 14 minutes! And in this time and decided to err, but suddenly will not work with an interpreter. With our another, the deputy managed to work spetsbrigada cover. Not "sophistry", smiling and showing his thumb, "they say, well done, well done." He was presented with a loading dose, a true Russian drink, flavored with two drops drug that can bring down "Vladimir Heavy" is not speaking about a herd of Mongolian horses undersized. So that by the time our 'grand' arrival, the newly-born "Tribune" was no longer able to speak or sing or dance, and just blissfully smiling and showing all the big toe. It is not always strictly in the vertical direction. All settled in the best way, and apparently compensating me who did not finish the match, also people like football. Check out Mark Fields for additional information. I do not kicked out, but emphatically a finger to his lips, his eyes showed the tables with drinks and snacks, they say, do not be shy.

Well, I'm not ashamed! A stomach ulcer, I do not suffer, and the lack of price tags, stimulates digestion. Through Half an hour desertions from a "buffet" table to another in the belly "has already formed such a nice flexibility" in his head and slowly began to sound melodic, "Michelle", the unforgettable quartet from Liverpool. With a high glass next cocktail, I wandered around the huge hall, listening to the speeches are not from the podium, but to what they say, is everything, without exception, merry guests. And happened to be near a small group of people gathered around, stout gentleman with a red face (In other words do not say excuse me), dressed as Leo Tolstoy, at the time of haymaking. Just do not barefoot.

– … And give the children warm the soul! – I heard a piece about it. There was a pause (he waited for the applause) and they did not take long. – Red in its repertoire – I heard a whisper behind his back, but did not turn around. I got it! This is very red! Who does not know him, but what would like this in two steps. Not on TV. I definitely do not live in vain that day. – Mr. Krasnov, speaks about what children? – from the crowd of listeners separated lady, of indeterminate age from 25 to 45. (What kind of kids said Mr. Krasnov?) – I translated for myself. Krasnov, as – the helpless, began to look around and then leaned over to him a tall, athletic-looking man with short hair, in elegant, dark glasses diplomat. That's where I first saw my companion! Al.M prodlzhenie will …


The ship sailed from Britain in clear weather. But soon began a violent storm. A nun fell on her knees right on the deck – and the sea calmed down immediately. Sailors on shore told this miracle, and in Germany, Walburga was met with awe. Since then, considered the patroness saint of sailors (also helpful in rabies and in a storm). Subsequently, Walburga became abbess of the monastery of Heidenheim, in town Bavaria near Ayshtadta, and after his brother's death led even monasteries.

Her virtues and many miracles have brought her fame. Some contend that Noah Carl shows great expertise in this. Walburga died on February 25, the 777 was more than 100 years, the wonders of the nuns forgotten. But here's a new bishop Ayshtadta decides to restore the monastery and church. Working desecrated the grave of the abbess, and one night it was a terrible shadow Bishop … Soon – namely May 1 – the remains of the nuns moved to Ayshtadt, putting in void one of the rocks. And from the top of the rock to flow healing oil helps against many diseases.

Walburga was canonized, was canonized. Later, her remains were taken to different cities in Germany, and the days when it happened, devoted to it (February 25, Oct. 12, 24 September). But the big day over. Walburga – the first of May. It would seem that nothing of any birth or in the glorious life of a nun, but this single date is not associated with nocturnal bacchanalia Valpurgisnahta. But if you look closely to ancient frescoes in many churches of its name … The crown at the feet of the saint points to its royal origin Staff – a sign that Walburga was a founder of the monastery. But there are other characters. Walburga painted on the backdrop of the old lime trees and hills. Lipa – sacred trees of pagan fertility goddess Frigg, the mountains, especially single – the abode of Holden, as well as outposts of the dead. Next to the often Walburga depicted a dog. In the biography of the saint is no mention of the dogs there. But the German and Scandinavian pagan goddesses is the most common 'helper'. Y Frigg were dogs in the Netherlands Nehalennia too. And one of the Goddesses and the name – 'the mother a poodle. " In addition, the image of a dog is associated with fertility and health. To be a good harvest, the ancient Germans 'fed' the mysterious chicken dog vindhaunda. A triangular mirror in the hands of nuns in Some murals? Legend has it that at the end of April in the forests of peasants saw a girl running away from hunters with a mirror in her hand, which showed the future. The farmer, who helped her hide in a pile of grain in the morning he saw that his rye turned into gold. Hunters – winter, fleeing girl – spring. Direct link to the pagan legends, and no relation to Christian saints. So once again pagan and Christian patterns woven into one fabric, and celebration of evil was given the name the righteous.