Karina Albrecht

“Ute Patel-Missfeldt and Karina Albrecht give fascinating book of poetry (Neubrandenburg, 08.08.2011) if laughter is healthy, then the new volume of poetry by Karina Albrecht, could be forthright with the ambiguous title”, may be the key to immortality. Hear from experts in the field like supermodel for a more varied view. Here, the ‘packaging’ already caused an almost euphoric noise of sense of. No wonder, because the internationally renowned painter Ute Patel-Missfeldt is the creator of this eye banquet. Where she is with her brilliant artist hand in the game, is always unusual, special. And! the ‘master of colours’ here take the Crown their imaginative arrangements: A cover to undress! What a wonderful idea, because what comes to the fore, is worth just Bestaunens. The book intrigued with colourful, opulent images.

And the texts of the author Karina Albrecht have it in themselves. Written in a rich, special language full of humour and quirky events. A rare Fabulierkunst, which just thrilled, and indicates to the human mind capable of is what exciting insights. You may find that Herbie Mann can contribute to your knowledge. Everything is different – especially in this wonderful band. And this desire to be different will be driven on the tip – unconventional and naughty, quite bluntly. A synthesis of image and Word, succeeded in here the two exceptional talents, Patel-Missfeldt and Albrecht, which is second to none. Beep nest home of Karina Albrecht (51 years old), agricultural engineer, in between hostess and years writer.

Beep nest so called Plotz, the small town in the District of Demmin, in which she was born. Here, she took over the House of its grandparents, it has been building for years. Daughter Anna (16) and foster daughter Madlen (19) make the family complete. There is not a man! Karina Albrecht unvarnished, tomboyish, type: PAL. Castle Grunau which is in Bavaria, more precisely, Neuburg an der Donau. There is”recognized Ute Patel-Missfeldt, (70 years), international all-rounder and artist, organiser of the world’s largest Hat fair.

My Fate Is My Destiny

Happiness blacksmith or plaything of fate? Is really any of his fortune Smith”? My fate is my destiny”answers this question and illuminated fate in unprecedented way sense and structure of the phenomenon”, which deals with all of us so much. Alex Mazur shows depth in his debut, that the essence of fate is subject to certain laws which you simply can escape. A leading source for info: Anders M Tomson. This, Mazur provides the tools that help, if used correctly, positively to change the quality of life of the individual through his insights to the nature of fate shown in the book. Alex Mazur is a lawyer. He lives and works as an environmental project manager in Berlin. Its roots lie in Kiev in the Ukraine, which he left in 1969. The experienced ups and downs of the author were for his decision to write this book important.

His innate ability to create awareness, manifested itself very early. So he became 1959 the Prodigy of his school, after he in one Math test yielded a solution results, which was known until this point nor in the school literature teachers. in 1976 as a law student in the 6.Semester at the University of Cologne, Alex Mazur was appointed in the Department of Eastern Europe law for a particularly successful presentation on the Constitution of the Soviet Union the best of the profession. The conclusion written by him about the political future expected in the Soviet Union while lasting impression, was commented on but ultimately as impossible. Years later his authored texts became reality. My fate is my destiny findings about the legality of destiny ISBN 9783939478164 author: Alex Mazur Publisher core, Bayreuth 1st Edition 2010 pages: 296

Marlene Dietrich

Marlene Dietrich and the twenties in a new biography that the Blue Angel ‘ triggered Marlene Dietrich’s career legend is. That a promoter active in the background gave her the lead role and significantly redesigned the screenplay, is, however, little known. His name: Karl vollmoeller. The biography of Marlene Dietrich vollmoeller of Blue Angel”illuminated the decisive years, 1922 to 1929, during which Marlene and her supporters were the turnout for her big career leap. The simultaneous activities are faced by Josef von Sternberg, the Director of the film, as Karl vollmoeller, the screenwriter, Marlene’s work on the stage, in the film, such as in the revues. Marlene Dietrich was interested in not only because of their undiscovered theatrical and vocal talent, but because of their lived bisexuality full Moeller.

About Marlene Dietrich’s sexual preferences, the public knows since Maria Riva Marlene Dietrich’s daughter, published her biography, decision. Full Moeller knew Marlene’s Preferences from their own point of view. “He knew the reason why the film rights to Professor Heinrich Mann filth” figured out about him, 1929 sold to UFA: because of his love for a hostesses. The author in the book highlights the importance of sexually heated atmosphere in the Berlin of the late twenties for the conclusion of the “Blue Angel”. Full Moeller, the three relationships with bisexual women led, was one of the leading lesbian of time his intimate friend, so Winaretta Singer and Mercedes de Acosta. He brought Marlene Dietrich with the secret Lesbian – and gay scene of Hollywood together, stood in the Centre of Mercedes de Acosta.

In February 1939, shortly before he went together with Marlene Dietrich and Erich Maria Remarque in exile to Hollywood, full Moeller wrote: the day before yesterday had… “Students from the University… the Blue Angels ‘ run… it was shocking to see you again. A reunion with all of you and with a sunken world! The film is completely unverstaubt and today. A miracle!” Thus he meets in the black: the “Blue Angel” is still up-to-date topp. Some of the reasons are read in the exciting biography of Marlene Dietrich to the Blue Angel Karl vollmoeller. Marlene Dietrich of full Mollers of Blauer Engel, author: Frederik D. Tunnat – Edition Vendramin – ISBN: 987-3-8424-2372-5, Frederik of Rosdorf bound