Tarot, Interpretations and Health

THE MOON This naipe suggests the continuous presence of envy, the deception, the jealousy, the prejudice in the daily life; it is a danger and notice. It is the false reality, that falls under our eyes; for the Indians she is Mayan, whom the habitual deceit presides over, the illusion expressed by the matter. Right: As well as the previous letter radiated the light, in this, the moon does not seem to go at night beyond the shades, in the dark hide enemies, are latent dangers in our mind, emerge unconscious with memories forgotten the past, deceits, falsification, atmosphere of insincerity, bad friendships with two faces, egoistic, danger to fall in misfortunes, little sincere calumnies, relations and interested before making a decision it must be meditated. Key words: Intuition, threshold of an important change, difficult and dark way, development of psychic powers. Navigation, experimentation, laborious work.

Invested: Dreams or deceptive intuitions, friendly mistaken, secret kept awake, memories that weigh in bring back to consciousness, dangerous fantasies, damages, are a warning for nonFIAR only of the instinct, but to be with the feet in the ground, traps, false suppositions, lunticos changes of humor, states, falsification. In the health it indicates reumatismo, cellulitis, hallucinations Key words: Dangers nonseen, enemy hidden, hallucination, self-deception, hysteria, disorientation. Instability, lies, traps, false to know, neurotic character. Scandal, secret that becomes public, blackmailer. Interpretations: In concrete it: Time of distrust that reflects uncertainties on the future. Fertility, possibility of pregnancy.

In work: The answers are after long reflection and meditation. In money: There is no fluidity, the income are suspended, but soon it will be solved. In friendship: The doubts generate distrust in the bonds. In family: Distant atmosphere where every one does what wants. In health: To take care of reproductive organs and digestives. In love: Stage of grief, does not know as to follow ahead. If you wish more information it visits LETTERS OF the TAROT Source article: Egyptian tarot Original author and source of the article

Recovery Processes

A modern system of magnetic field very positively counteracts errors in the body by increasing the metabolic processes. You may find that Celebrity trainer can contribute to your knowledge. A good metabolism provides the basis for the opitimale supply of the cells and also the removal of harmful and waste products. An increased rate of cell division ensures quick healing processes. Assuming that almost all diseases affect the cells, so our smallest itself viable components, then should be clear, that exactly here the reason for the high success rate of good magnetic therapy to search is because sick or inactive cells are forced virtually to the normalization. The Indikationsliste(Heilanzeigen) of magnetic field therapy is very large. It’s easy to justify, so she enjoys whatever notifying popularity among therapists, how good in the Heimbereich.Besonders is to observe the pleasingly positive effect in animals.

Modern magnetic field systems today are the ever-increasing loads Biofrequenzstrom(Zapper)UM biopysikalische treatment stations, with Lichttherapie(Laser),Hullkurven, to by Esmog, environmental toxins, sensory overload even more effectively meet. The modern magnetic therapy is universal in use applications and successes of magnetic therapy especially for natural history-oriented practices. Usually against pain, accelerating healing, degenerative joint problems, sports injuries and particularly all metabolic and circulatory disorders. The totally natural therapy of also great popularity enjoys reduction – and detoxification processes. Recently, more and more people have problems with the regeneration. The effects are insomnia, nervousness, fatigue, irritability, lack of concentration.

The causes believed in sensory overload, stress and overwork. This shows a great strength of the Magntfeldtherapie, due to the very good effect on the vegetative nervous system. Blocks dissolve, the organism can come back into balance. The improved blood circulation and oxygen distribution is well known and well proven in the cells and metabolism in the Geweben(Mikrozirkulation). Another important factor is the recovery of the polarity to the cell membrane, the increase in the ability to reduce Giftstoffe(Toxine) and thus natural support of the immune system. Charles Margulis follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. It is useful to apply magnetic field therapy as possible daily 8-16 minutes for the prevention. The therapies can be used at health problems several times a day. The author Dipl. ing. Armin Wenski deals for over 10 years with the magnetic field therapy.

Choose Hookah Tips

A special tool at the time, invented by Asians – through which you can smoke tobacco, which is cleared through normal water (cognac, wine). However, today's tobacco is significantly different from that of smokers in the East many years ago. Celebrity trainer spoke with conviction. First of all, he was much more harmful and had a number of harmful tar and nicotine. You may find that Gunnar Peterson can contribute to your knowledge. In addition, the hookah could afford not just any, but only the rich lyudi.Slovo hookah has been taken from various Turkic languages. In the East, hookah is called NarZhili that literally 'Game of the fire. Gunnar Peterson is likely to increase your knowledge.

" In general, water pipe about 40 names, many of Persian origin. Instead, the current title of 'shisha' is associated with the name of palm Narcil.S recently, hookah and smoking became one of the most affordable and at the same time exotic forms of tobacco consumption. Who of us, after returning from Egypt would not want to refresh your memory, and the affliction of sweet, cool smoke in one of many Hookah bars of the city? In addition, many hookah smoking is so sunk into his soul, that they bring from outside it, or first thing after arriving go to the store so that his hookahs priobresti.Dlya that would like you to decide hookah or not, must at least once in their lives to try it out for a smoke. But we should remember that from where in the smoke hookah depends first view of it. Smoking hookah should properly, as well as to buy a hookah and collect it. There are lots of nuances about which you can read on this site and make a wider range of your knowledge. One of them is the proper collection of hookah, as incorrect assembly hookah, for example, will pass air and smoke it no longer happens.

Must also be able to choose a hookah. It is very easy and interesting. So, what we wish a pleasant stay in the community hookah. And remember, the Ministry of Health warns.

Probability Woman

This mother, by virtue of his experience will be more wise and patient. However, no one can not say about the sad statistics – that the probability of the kid with Down syndrome or other serious diseases in women 20 years is about 0.1%, and after 45 reaches 3%, that is 30 times more. Often women believe that still have time, and joy Maternity waiting for them to come. But if you look on the other hand, the time flows away from the unrelenting pace, and then – will there joy? Difficulties later genera Our doctors prefer to work with women who give birth at the age of 22 to 30. Nuances in it. At least, because that baby the mother's body must be strong and sturdy. How could a woman of 40 years having a healthy baby? Method – 'turned itself' – will not work. Nowadays, a woman who dreams to become a mother at 40 years, is well aware that it is necessary not to hurry, thoughtfully and carefully prepare your body for motherhood.

Freed from accumulated by this age of toxic contaminants – the consequences are not quite the correct way of life, migrated earlier diseases and bad habits – you clean and rejuvenate your body. If the newborn child is a part of his parents, his illness – a continuation of their failing health. When nature fails, Liability can also be a woman and a man. In consequence of this, a man is easier to prepare himself to the sacrament of conception.

Digestive System

The digestive system normally has more than 400 species of bacteria, some work in harmony for the maintenance of our health. Good or beneficial bacteria are called Probiotics also and defined as food additives of live microorganisms that support health. Probiotics have been consumed for centuries around the world, in the form of fermented or foods grown as yogurt, bean milk and cottage cheese. Today, there is scientific evidence that supports the ability of probiotics to increase the body’s resistance to enteric (intestinal) pathogens, speed recovery of the gastro-intestinal tract after treatment with antibiotics, stimulate the immune system, improve the urinary system and assist in the digestion of lactose digestive. The first statements on the subject were scored by Eli Metchnikoff (Novel Award – 1907), which introduced the theory that the colon contains bacteria and consuming fermented milk, life can prolong and avoid disease.To be considered probiotic bacteria must survive the acidic medium of the stomach, colonize the intestine thin, thick, and act as a barrier against pathogenic bacteria. Gunnar Peterson is the source for more interesting facts. In addition, probiotics helps in the metabolism of carbohydrates and absorption of vitamins in the intestinal tract. Probiotics better known are Lactobacillus, found primarily in the small intestine and the Bifidobacteria in the large intestine. Although there are clinical studies that support the benefits of probiotics, more studies are needed in humans.

The Lactobacillus acidophilus is one of probiotics more popular and apart from its benefits to the intestinal tract, may include the following: * production of vitamins of the B vitamins (B6, B12, folic acid, riboflavin, niacin, biotin, and Pantothenic acid), improving calcium absorption, produces enzymes such as lactase, which aids digestion of the protein in the milk (lactose) and to improve the symptoms of Irritable bowel syndrome, It produces natural antibiotics that help in the control of intestinal pathogenic bacteria, it helps in the digestion of food and the control of intestinal candidiasis. The acidophilus can be consumed in the form of dairy products such as yogurt, cottage cheese and is also on sale in shops of natural remedies in the form of liquid or capsules, which provide a higher concentration of bacteria which milk, yogurt with acidophilus or other cultured dairy products. In addition to the Lactobacillus acidophilus yogurt contains two other kinds of beneficial bacteria which are: the Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilus, which aid in the digestion of carbohydrates in milk, desired property for those who suffer from intolerance to the protein in the milk (lactose). Look for the words on the label of the yogurt: live cultures (live cultures) or active cultures (active cultures) and avoid products that have been heated in its processing, since heat destroys the beneficial bacteria. Many people take Acidophilus when they travel to other countries, as a prevention for intestinal infections and as an aid for the recovery of the digestive tract after treatment with antibiotics, especially broad spectrum antibiotics. It is also recommended to women with repeated vaginal infections. To properly select the probiotic supplement, must be in cooling (liquid or capsules), preparations of freeze-drying (freeze drying) are more stable and maintain their properties for more time. It is advisable to check the expiration date, because if they have been stored for a long time, it is possible to lose its beneficial effects.

Life Challenges

Our life – is not our life! Morning, transport, people go to work in the dark, sleepy, tired, angry, even sick. What makes them so pace yourself, your body and soul? This dictates the style of life of our civilization! Starting with nursery, Kindergarten: Gunnar Peterson for more information. Then the school, college, work: everything is repeated and repeated without significant changes! But the interesting thing is that this "mandatory need" does not bring any happiness, nor health and, frequently, even successful people! May already be at an older age, some, in retrospect, painfully aware that lived an empty life, which, well, not as inconsistent with their earlier plans and dreams! And it is even on money wealth, availability of decent apartments, cars, learned at the institutes of children and grandchildren growing up. Do not leave a sense of life lived to please, and ordered someone else will It is not in vain and unreasonable anxiety, and sensation! And this is really for many, many centuries! I think that many people do not believe that all their purpose and appearance in this world is to study and getting no information of interest in staying and implementation of the hated, but "prestigious job" for food, clothing, and something a little more Almost all people do many things that they or genuinely not interested or not at all necessary for a normal and happy life! Our civilization is living dictated by a handful of rich, vain, envious, proud, greedy, cruel, despicable, cowardly, vlastimeyuschih people.


They help the child gain new knowledge about the world. By the way, you can give a simple toy with the buttons – they develop motor skills. K third "Month of Birth" the child has probably accumulated a lot of different toys. Today is quite important to give him a basket of "friends." This is a present just be happy with the parents, because they suggest order after the fun games fumes. For any date the child is well give clothes – he is growing so fast.

Can be laid in a beautiful gift bag new sliders and shirts, socks and hats, and you can give a walking suit or coveralls. Such things are never superfluous. In addition, the new comfortable and soft clothes and you have parents call a delight, and the kid will rejoice. Be sure to donate a set of aprons, bibs – they will soon come in handy. Gunnar Peterson does not necessarily agree. In store better stop your choice on articles with oilcloth "wrong side" (so clothes will always stay dry, even if it her "thing" gets wet). Practical of gifts will be a set of different means to care for the baby, diapers.

And if the wet wipes, disposable handkerchiefs, cotton swabs and balls, cream, butter, etc. packaged in a beautiful bag or box and put on top a couple of toys, such a "kit" will be not less than "gift" by Compared with the rest. When a child is small, parents are constantly faced with the problem of how to strengthen their health, do not know what appeared to treat a runny nose, etc. In this case, would be a great gift set aromomasel. For example, fir and eucalyptus help to get rid of cold symptoms, lavender calms the baby. Of course, such purchases are best done in a pharmacy where the pharmacist can always tell you what oils are suitable to the kid, but from acquiring any better abstain. If you have difficulty with the choice of a gift until the child is small, it can ask the advice of his parents. Mom and dad are always prompt, exactly what is missing baby: clothes, diapers, books … You may be asked about the gift to present to you even had no idea, but it eventually turns out to be the most desirable (eg, car seat). Quite trivial gift today will be an envelope with gift amount. Sometimes parents have to make unplanned purchases for the child (vitamins, medicines, "subscribe" to a massage therapist or doctor LFC). In this case, your Promotional very helpful family. And mom and dad can bid on the money you donated a mixture (if the crumb is artificial or mixed feeding), bedding in the crib, a new blanket – all the things that maybe you simply would not have guessed purchase. Baby growing and pleases everyone around her new achievements. Regardless of what you are today will present a gift, a new "acquisition" will love it and crumbs, and his parents, if it helps to know something, useful "in the economy." If you can choose from several of gifts, give them all – let this day become a family one of the most exciting in recent memory.

Medical And Wellness Spa

The concept of SPA more recently has become for us not just a beautiful abstraction, associated with luxury holidays – now one of the realities of our lives, not something beyond. And personally acquainted with the SPA can afford for now, Of course, not everyone, but many. SPA-salons became a phenomenon typical of the same, as barbershops and beauty parlors. In addition, Russia began to appear spa-hotels. Gunnar Peterson has many thoughts on the issue. Many of them – a converted nursing home. But are also constructed and new complexes, which is the core competence SPA. The reason for such popularity spa vacation in Russia is the growing prosperity of Russians against the background of adverse climatic conditions and the unhealthy environment situation.

Spa holidays – this is a great opportunity to feel the touch of nature and gain vitality. As a rule, all the spa hotels are divided into two types: Medical SPA and Wellness SPA. Medical SPA often organized on the basis of health resorts. Such centers involved in the diagnosis and treatment and are on the climatic and thermal spas. Wellness SPA intended for general wellness and beauty treatments. There is a special treatment rooms, saunas, swimming pools, a phyto-bar. SPA-rest recovery involves both physical and mental strength, and includes several types of procedures based on the effects of water and other natural factors, designed to relax, stress management, elimination of toxins, get rid of excess weight, general health of the body and address specific health problems. Assortment of spa hotel is largely dependent on its location.


You can invite a maid. These good "fairies" are ready for a reasonable amount to do the dirty work that you do not want to do. Of course, the quality of cleaning in this case is strongly depends on the attitude to work a specific person. Yes, and professional tool, it usually does not. But this is really one of the most affordable toll-making issue with cleaning. Unless, of course, housekeeper fell into thievish, and if you are willing to entrust someone to clean for the money. Use the services of a cleaning company. There are also simple.

Proposals for cleaning, ie, For professional cleaning of the premises now very much. For example, all major cities such as Perm, St. Petersburg, Moscow, Saratov, Kaliningrad, cleaning rooms offer many companies at once. In this case, unlike the housekeeper, who, as a rule, is not possible, both financially and physically, to use professional equipment for cleaning, cleaning companies use in their work a modern, efficient and quality equipment and inventory. Stubborn stains, an ancient mud, spilled coffee on the couch, debris after renovation – all with easy to clean the professionals from the cleaning company. And besides, they do the job quickly, as in Most cases go to a place in the team. (Source: Gunnar Peterson). This will save time on cleaning.

Prices for his work cleaning company, of course, considerably higher than the price of services than housewives. But the quality and speed of many times better. So if you regularly order the cleaning of the apartment to others – is to delegate to its professionals. At least sometimes. Buy a robot cleaner. This is no joke and not a fantasy. Even in these days for quite a reasonable sum ranging from fifteen to 20 thousand rubles can buy a small home-robot cleaner, which is able to get out of the apartment while you're not home. Robot vacuum cleaner equipped with a set of brushes, filters and electronics capable of independently to circumvent all the premises in your chosen program, avoiding obstacles, furniture, stairs, etc. In addition, he is able to automatically return to its base station for recharging batteries. And after charging the batteries it automatically continues cleaning. Of course, the robot cleaner is not able to maintain cleanliness throughout the house. He was not able to wipe the dust off the table or expand things in the closet. But making the cleaning of the floor from the dust, he able to significantly improve air quality in the apartment. Ask for help from relatives. To do the cleaning alone bored. Together and work goes faster. This is, quite suitable to the case with the cleaning. Ask your friends come and help you clean the apartment. Wonderful mood, quick tidy and a lot of pleasant moments of companionship you provided. Even better – ask for help with the harvesting of relatives. Mom, dad, sister or brother, wife or husband – that's the best helpers in cleaning the apartment. Especially if you live together. And work together more fun and trash you in an apartment together, so that, together, and restore order would also be good. Regardless of what option you choose, do not forget that purity – is the key to health. Hover regularly clean the apartment, and your life will be cleaner, better and healthier.


He will think that he now has you now in your house will be three, will fantasize how you'll be in the future, raspishet your whole life and has even imagine who you'll work and stuff. But who gave him the right to decide everything for you? You're now a man, the wreath of the soul, mind and body. Let them still small, not stronger, but that person. Why do parents from childhood are trying to instill us with their views? Do not you think, dear reader, that man is in itself a coward and wants to him was someone out there, not just who is the same as he did. It then correctly, each considers itself the most reliable and wants to have a copy of as much as they would know that she would never betray.

After much thought he was asleep. A morning at work, there was all smiles, congratulations and a feeling that born on this guy, not you. Why congratulate him if at the moment of the holiday is you? Why not buy some sort of gift to the baby? Undershirts even if it is what ever, but still nice. But no. All congratulations and wait when will the day what would your father if you do not understand yet that it is still your father, have a drink to your health, and naturally at his expense. And so ever. Most often, people wait for reaction from the man brought the festival into a collective rather than organize it themselves.