Poll Flowers

94 percent of all Germans present the most popular mother’s day gift Regensburg MOM for mother’s day / flowers, 07.05.2009. The Germans have a heart for their mothers. 94 percent, the traditional mother’s day gift stands tall in the course. To the delight of all florists flowers are at the top of the list of gifts: 30 percent of mothers can expect with a fragrant flower greeting. This was the result of a survey of the social network spin.de 7.635 participants. David Edlin might disagree with that approach. Mother’s day is on May 10. Nearly 30 percent of the participants put on the gifts classic this year and waiting with flowers (1st place).

Also in line with the trend of the wellness holiday (2nd place) is according to the community. Around 12 percent of the respondents daughters and sons allow mum one or more days relaxation outside your own four walls. The top 5 mother’s day gifts 2009 flowers 28.5% 11.6% common wellness holiday food/breakfast 11.0% coupons 10.8% homemade 6.8% (7.635 respondents on spin.de, multiple answers possible) close behind is a more brilliant Gift idea the common lunch or breakfast at (place 3). It was also vouchers – for the musical, the hairdresser or the next visit to the favorite butcher shop – are gladly given away, to make MOM happy (4th). Learn more about this topic with the insights from Rand Paul. Homemade beats chocolate especially for women is popular homemade (place 5) according to the community: Selbstgetopferte Salad bowls, homemade cakes, or by hand-written poems lie in the trend.

Surprisingly knocked off on the 7th land the tried and true sweet deceiver, however, chocolate and Pralines. The survey also shows that put some very brave on the exceptional and offer attractive bread slicers or let the famous “I love MOM” tattoo on your upper arm. Is there a better sign of his love? The theme of mother’s day seems to be a total above all the women at heart: comprise about 75 percent of the participants. About SPiN AG the SPiN AG from Regensburg, Germany, develops and operates successfully virtual since 1996 Communities. The largest among them, the social network is ivw listed and is one of the largest German sites with 691 million of page impressions and 15.6 million visits (March 2009).

Exercises For Children

I write about very simple exercises. Not all and not always so simple. With young children I have been with someone a parent. They help support the child (with the hips, hands, feet, etc.) when different banners. Often kids do not like it, they want to jump and sometimes cry – not from pain, but simply from a sense of contradiction. Older (from 7 years old) is much better to do without their parents. What exercises can recommend? To describe them – thankless task, it is better to see drives and choose what your child can do. Start with the easiest, preferring sessions on the floor. Be sure to include stretching the shoulder and legs. As in our body are interconnected, it is that time in the pelvic region greatly affects the location of the head, thus disrupting normal blood flow. This can lead to hyperactivity or vice versa – apathy, poor concentration, tiredness. Increasingly, children from an early age are diagnosed with "flat", but in most cases it is simply wrong worthwhile stop. Expanding the knees, we can easily remove this "defect" (Refer to the disk "Basics"). The hardest part – is to accustom the child to monitor properly, but some parents say that at various medical examinations child remembers, rises, as expected, and the doctor claims to bearing no. Thus, much depends on our control and example. Children are increasingly common disease in early childhood. Some say that before many simply do not diagnose, but everyone knows that the disease "Rejuvenated" and the parents are getting "older." Reflect on our – the adult – a role in this process. Many parents, mostly moms go online at the so-called "forum". Active interest, exchange information, call the diagnoses of children and and nothing more do not. Or rather, do: drive to the places where they do not help. Do not look for "healers". Try to actually look at the long-studied questions of modern medicine. Not carried away by promises of Pharmacology and dietary supplements. The more "useful" addition to the nutritional status of children – the less the body will absorb them from natural products and the greater the chance of developing allergies, skin diseases, etc. I argue that writing an article for the city. I am arguing that even in a small village selling chewing gum, Pepsi, Chupa Chups, etc Think about the health of their children, even if you have "given up" on his own. Svetlana Astashkevich

Breastfeeding Issues

And if the baby is not suckling at all, then the amount of milk the mother gradually decreases and disappears. Some women may have problems with breastfeeding because of inverted nipples. In this case, Doctors recommend a cautious massage stretching nipple between thumb and forefinger. A woman after cesarean section may also breastfeed. Twins can be fed at the same time, however, this requires two times more milk. In the last two months of pregnancy can be recommended to wear a good supportive bra continuously, even during sleep. How to breast-feed while you're in the hospital, you have the time and opportunity to learn how to properly breastfeed the baby. Ask the nurses to show you some tricks by which easier to accustom the child to her breast.

Usually a child is born with a sucking reflex, and as soon as he gets on the tongue of the nipple, he immediately begins to suck. But there are children who have this reflex, as it were forgotten. Sisters sure know how to act in such cases, and will tell you what to do. Many women ask the baby to the breast immediately after birth. If a kid feels good, this experience is the first feeding may be the most memorable for both you and your baby. Charles Margulis is likely to increase your knowledge. Earlier in our maternity hospitals practiced later newborn infant attachment to mother's breast – 6-12 hours after birth, and sometimes at the 2-3rd day. Now the wishes of the mother the baby immediately after birth and placed on a mother's belly skin to skin and briefly apply it to his chest, that he sucked at least a few drops of colostrum.


However, the reality does not quite match that concept. Difficulty lies in the fact that it is impossible to pinpoint the moment of rupture the follicle and release an egg. It is well known that ovulation occurs – to 28-day cycle – between 12 th and 16 th day of the cycle (ie, a 5-day period). but the number of days during which fertilization can take place, in fact, comes up to seven, as should be taken into account and those two days, during which the sperm retain their ability to fertilization. Exact designation of menstruation shows, moreover, almost all women of variation of 1-2 days in the duration of the cycle, often even more. This difference in cycle time affect the accuracy of the moment release of an egg. Established. that there exists a close relationship between oocyte maturation and the emergence of the next menstruation.

When the cycle is shorter, ovulation occurs sooner, and when the cycle is longer, ovulation occurs later. Repeated pregnancies, breastfeeding, abortion, severe illness, physical fatigue, nervousness, travel, climate variations can also cause a change in the length of the cycle (and ovulation). Among women aged 35-40 years, the change cycle occurs without any apparent reason. This implies that the definition of productive days in a woman is faced with considerable difficulty. Calendar period of menstruation for Women whose menstruation occurs regularly (cycle of 28 days), it can be assumed that fertilization can not be done during the days immediately following the menstrual period (approximately 7 days) and within days, that precede the next period (after 18 of the 20 th day). Consequently, the period of physiological neoplodotvoryaemosti can be set only in women with regular cycles of 27-29 days.

To this end, Knaus recommends making Calendar of menstruation for at least a year. To determine the fruitful days in the case of variable cycle, you must subtract 19 from the very small numbers, and 12 of the largest numbers. Example A: A cycle in 24-29 days: 24-19 = 5, 12/29 = 17 Fertilization possible from 5 th to 17 th day. Example B: The cycle in 27-30 days: 27-19 = 8 12/30 = 18 fertilization is possible from 8 th to 18 th day.

Healthy Home

Now think of the perfect home for your soul. What walls will suit this house? They are made of brick, wood, stone, glass, and they are thick, thin, open to nature? What color are they? What is their structure? What doors in this house? Now walk around the room of the house for your soul. You go around the room by room. Imagine windows, doors, stairs, upholstery and lighting, as well – sounds, smells, color and texture. Move things from place to place and continue to do so as long as the home for all-necks of the soul does not take clear and precise outline, up until it becomes a perfect haven for your soul. Once you complete this exercise, take some time to remember what you felt, and try to write it.

Let your record be as accurate as possible. In the following days you can continue and complete your list. This list will later be very useful and will help you come up with the design of your present home to include some details of the house for his soul. Doing this exercise, you will probably find the differences Meanwhile, the house where you live actually, and the house that your soul finds perfect. Your ideal home for the soul may find these aspects, which would be difficult to implement in your present home.

For example, an ideal home for your soul can be at the beach, but you are tied to life on the land where you live in the moment. This is not an impossible condition, because the soul inhabits the world of spirit, which is part of your consciousness, and subservient to the influence of characters. Complementing your living environment objects possessing symbolic meaning for your soul, you can feed her by using magic. Find ways in which You can use the symbolism of objects and sensations experienced by your soul, to create a home for his soul in the context of the life that you live in the moment and in that house, which now serves your home. Your house is not like any other place on earth. It is peculiar, he is unique, but because of your love, intuition and care it can become an ideal haven for your soul.


You need a governess? How to proanketirovat governess for a baby? How not to make mistakes when hiring a governess, and find that only Mary Poppins for her child? What should I look for when hiring a nanny or governess, what features should be resolved ahead of time? On what points are selected for future employees of governesses? And what qualities must have a suitable governess? During interview governesses for further recommendations in their family, we proceed from a few basic rules. Governess should have specialized education – secondary special pedagogical or degree in teaching. All depends on the age of the baby and the requirements for trustees to the governess. Sometimes you just need to sit down with your child, read him a story, ie, take care, it seemed – would be without any developmental activities. But with any kind of communication process of teaching and child rearing is a continuous one. Therefore, an important quality that must have a governess – a literate speech. Of course, when selecting potential employees to place a governess should pay attention to their personal characteristics.

Let us just on the internal psychological make-governess. Portrait of a Governess includes certain appearance and behavior, such as docile nature. And, of course, required quality, which directly relate to communication with your son or daughter – empathy, the ability to feel the child and his mood, openness and creativity of thought. Of how harmonious personality is a governess, its success depends, in collaboration with the child. Such a governess out of any situation will come a leader, she will always be interesting for the kid. For the governess is very important and really good skill to not get irritated, even when the child is naughty and behave badly, as well as a heightened sense of responsibility. Primary motivation, the foundation of the image governesses and nannies – a boundless love for children, full adoption of the child. Not because he is good and beautiful, but because he – the child.


The average double room in Prague at the level of three stars with breakfast internet and parking costs 55-75 euros per day. During the New Year holidays cost the same numbers in Prague is about 100-110 euros. In Prague, a few companies working on the provision of taxi services. A taxi to travel to Prague is very convenient and not expensive, Prague city where there are traffic jams that do not interfere with the movement of personnel and urban transport. The system of one-way traffic on many streets of Prague and regulated regime of the main thoroughfares in the city to quickly get to the goal. Traffic lights in Prague, working in auto mode, the human factor can not affect the system of traffic.

Almost all the streets in Prague are equipped with security cameras for traffic with automatic measurement of the speed of cars. For this reason, if your plans to stay in Prague on New Year’s holidays include car rental or do you plan to visit the Czech Republic by car, be extremely careful and not break the speed limit in town, he is 50 km.h on autobahn Czech rate not higher than 130 km.h and provincial roads are not more than 90 km.ch. On November 2010 the cost of gasoline in the Czech Republic is 33 czk per liter (1.35 euros) and the cost of diesel fuel is determined by 30 czk per liter (1.22 euros). Virtually all organizations, and stores the Czech Republic closed for the Christmas holidays, which the Czech Republic notes 24,25,26 December and January 1,2.