Personal Trainers

Remembering that orientation is not to prescribe one diet, the orientation must be carried through preferential by a Personal to trainer that it has a specialization in esportiva nutrition. The alimentary lapsing must be carried through by a professional nutritionist. A personal accompaniment with professionals to trainer and nutritionist is the correct, safe and efficient way to reach the success. TABLE 3 Application of the Questionnaire on Promptitude for Atividade Fsica (PAR-Q). The physical evaluation must all precede and any type of program of physical exercises.

It is of basic importance and it does not exist program of physical exercises serious, without this initial part. It is essential, not only so that possible problems of health of general order are verified, as well as, to verify the evolution of the individual in the after-test. In the current research we find 89% apply and 11% do not apply questionnaire PAR-Q. The PAR-Q is the Questionnaire of Promptitude for Physical Activity. This questionnaire is guaranteed by several scientific institutions between them the American College of Medicina Desportiva (ACMS) and for the Brazilian Society of Cardiologia (SBC). It is an attempt to diagnosis possible problems that hinder the evaluated one to practise physical activities of low and average intensity.

In accordance with the theory of this questionnaire, if only one of the questions will be answered with one YES is recommended that the evaluated one makes one medical consultation before the beginning of the esportiva activity Moura (2008). TABLE 4 Possui formation in superior course physical education. TABLE 5 Possui Course of broad After-Graduation Specialization sensu. TABLE 6 Possui Course of After-Graduation Specialization stricto sensu. Robinsen (2006) that to be a personal trainer, it is not enough to have only the graduation, but also a specialization to prescribe the treinos. The National Strength and Conditioning Association (2002) suggests that personal trainers must have licensing requirements, as the degree of bachelor in science of exercise and of certification for an organism whose criteria are extensive and widely accepted, before being authorized to exert its craft.

Losing Weight

In order to lower of weight it must understand that the obesity is the excess of fat in the body. The body uses the fat like power plant to realise all the activities, thus to lower of weight is easy if it uses that energy. It is like gasoline for a car, without fat is no energy, to lower of weight is as easy as to burn that extra energy that we have in the form of fat. But it is necessary to use it! The sedentary life or inactivity and to eat too much are two of the main reasons for the overweight. To lower of weight is easy, is only necessary to want to do it and that decision is the key to reach our objective more easily than it thinks, the fundamental thing is to recognize the necessity and to find the solution. There are different methods to lower of weight.

They are based on diets, others in programs of exercises, others combine diets and exercises to lower of weight, and are other invasive, but complex and dangerous techniques. As it said before, sufficiently to eat too much or to be active they physically cannot contribute to the excess of weight. In order to have a weight ideal, the calories that ingest must be equivalent to the energy that consumes and when there is demaciadas fat reserves or overweight, to lower of weight implies to burn those reserves that we have of but. To lower of weight not only will raise its self-esteem, it will improve his autoimagen and the image that projects of you. To lower of weight and to maintain a weight healthful can help him to control the cholesterol, the arterial pressure and the sugar in the blood. To also become thin can help him to prevent diseases related to the weight, such as the cardiac diseases, the diabetes, arthritis and some cancers. I must congratulate it to be looking for a solution, because that indicates that you already took the first passage in which recognized that it has a problem and that wants to find a solution definitive to lower of weight. The balance between the ingestion of calories and the calories that are lost with the activity is different in each person.

A same diet, tablets to lower of weight or a same program of exercises to lower of weight can obtain different results between two people with the same weight. The factors that determine the loss of weight can be hereditary, genetic, the age, among others. If it is going to initiate a program to lower of weight it must know that the speed to lose weight will depend on its certainty and the factors prearrangers. The important thing is to maintain the will and to follow ahead!