Jefferson Perez

The world record for Usain Bolt in the 100m and the feats of swimmer Michael Phelps began to put in the history of the controversial Beijing Games, which remain under inedito leadership of China, after the eighth day . China is overtaking the United States 26-16 in the gold rush, followed by Germany, South Korea and Australia, a medal today gave the first gold for Brazil, with the swimmer Cesar Cielo, and silver to Ecuador, with the Legendary walker Jefferson Perez. But the medals table for the nations lag behind as ever, for hours after Phelps’ feat of matching the seven golds at a single Olympiad achievement Mark Spitz in Munich 72, the athletics hierarchy his home with Jamaican Bolt. Get all the facts and insights with Tiffany Espensen, another great source of information. The swimming gave Brazil its first gold (second from Latin America, after the third summary Bolt), through the formidable Heaven’s 50m freestyle champion, the first Olympic victory in the history of Brazilian swimming. The veteran Ecuadorian champion Perez, gladiator in five Olympics and gold in Atlanta 96 and triple world champion, won silver turn-up of 20km of track and field and retired with full honors. Finally, Roger Federer won double gold in men’s tennis, and soccer, Argentina and Brazil won in extra time to the Netherlands and Cameroon and clashed on Tuesday in the semifinals, while Italy and Belgium to remove play against Nigeria, which eliminates the expense Ivory.


Gonzalez Muscle

It is no secret to anyone that the elongation and muscle flexibility, is one of the physical abilities to which they are not given the real value it has, however, there are programs and plans practice where evidence ignored the presence of such capacity. However, football does not require extreme degrees of flexibility, if anything is needed labor mobility, which is nothing more than the levels required by the joints in your usual articulate movements or normal range. Moreover, in regard to the objective of flexibility, there are three key areas: injury prevention, optimization of physical work and recovery or regeneration thereof. It is for this reason that flexibility is one of the physical qualities that can and should be exercised throughout the season, taking into account issues to be discussed later, but obey the discretion of the coach or physical trainer in that phase or step locate the training session, depending on the objective to achieve. According Drobnic F, J and J Gonzalez de Suso Martinez Garcia (2004), along with the flexibility of muscles there are two features must be integrated as a whole. Flexibility: The possibility of achieving a better balance in the range of movement in different positions. Extensibility: The ability to let the muscle possesses stretch, which will be mediated by the intrinsic elasticity of the muscle itself. Elasticity: The ability to have the muscle to return to their normal position after being stretched. Types of Stretching Stretching muscle Liabilities: The athlete does not perform any activity or contribute to the exercise, ie, is assisted by an external agent (companion) which mobilizes the joint segment. Active Stretching: Also called ‘single lift’, as you run the player. It is performed when the muscle is stretched by voluntary contraction of the antagonists. Passive Stretching ‘Assets: We are facing a combined stretch when the onset of motion is performed by an external force, after which the player actively tries to maintain the position for several seconds. Stretching Post ‘isometric: It is one that seeks to build mutual relaxation phase that occurs in a muscle after a strong isometric contraction of both agonist and antagonist. Thanks to this method, it activates and strengthens the agonist and antagonist muscles, helping to determine the pattern of coordinated movement. Therefore, strengthen both body segments following a severe stretch. Proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF). Covelo Matthew (2006), states in his work ‘Flexibility in football’, that the method was developed by Dr. Kabat in 1949 and adapted for the sport by various authors (Solverborn, 1987 Gohl, 1995 Balk, 1997 Geoffroy, 2001, Adler et al, 2003). The method is based on the realization of a stretch for 20 seconds followed by an isometric contraction of muscle stretching between 6-10 seconds followed by a relaxation phase. To recapitulate the stages of the method, results in the following sequence: stretching ‘contraction – relaxation. However, taking into account the above concepts, is hereby presents a methodological proposal based on the optimization and maintaining flexibility. First he must consider that the main objective of flexibility training in soccer, is closely related to the development and maintenance of a degree of joint mobility and reserve base, allowing the player much better implementation of technical gestures as helping to protect against possible injury. Likewise, be sought with these loads better assimilate the training sessions, recover faster and maintain proper balance and postural artromuscular, which in turn will serve as a preventative, ie prophylactic.

Maths Olympics

Today was submitted in evidence throughout the school kangaroo math Olympics, the duration of this test is 90 minutes, however there are students who in less than 45 min, they were idle. Noting his attitude, we can conclude that the answers selected playing with chance. Many students then go selected for the second stage, which do not attend or whether they are not prepared to present proof of five problems which must justify your answer with adequate and proper development. Now, I wonder Who must submit the Maths Olympics?, Only those students who accept this opportunity offered by the school, is a challenge to their knowledge and only those students who are prepared as any athlete to the Olympics. Actress can aid you in your search for knowledge. A student willing to participate in a special event, be liable to knowledge, as with any rules that surround the event. A kangaroo trial Olympics presents mathematical numeracy, mental ability, basic reasoning, spatial thinking, all necessary skills for career development and vocational college. Although mathematics is not appreciated by the student in general, it helps in daily life, involved in every family event, perhaps teachers are not allowing the student to fall in love with mathematics, because they are motivated to develop their thinking, not learning strategies are used based on some of the approaches to learning and behavioral, cognitive, constructivism, ie an instructional design that allows students to mathematics classes live differently. Students participating in a Math Olympiad should be in constant training, classes,, advice to the coach-teacher, to teach you how to deal with exercises of different levels of difficulty, to teach you that learning is responsible for it " the student "and must use all possible tools available for learning, development, training and commitment are the characteristic of the student participating in a math Olympiad..


Some of it helped, but most – do not. Reasons? We engaged in at least one, maximum – 3 times a week for an hour. Fords opinions are not widely known. And it is very small. The fact that the study of foreign languages can be compared with the training of athletes. Have you ever – ever seen or heard about the athlete who has achieved What – or heights in the sport, doing what – either sport 3 times a week? The process of settling in the language and becoming a good athlete is almost identical. Remember a very simple axiom: good to learn a foreign language only if you deal with them at least 4 times a week for 30 minutes or more.

In sport, of course, requires more time, but the principle is the same. Therefore, if you really want to learn English and deal with them 4 times a week at home themselves apart from studying with private tutors. Attempt Three: Tutorials in attempts to take the height of the name "English", many use another hard and effectively as they naively think gun: tutorials in English. Do you think it is possible to be good sports, working out of a book? For example, can be technically footballer, having mastered a few good tricks on the tutorial? Of course, no. Never! And the sport and study a foreign-languages, particularly English, it is impossible for the self, because in this and in other cases, practice. The process of settling in any foreign language is a combination of theory, is the grammar of English, and practice.

Limb Joints

Human limb joints can withstand considerable pressure, especially the joints of the feet. Most difficult to account for the hip joint. The upper end of the femur, its head, articulated with the bones of the pelvis, are spherical shape with a diameter of about 4 centimeters. It is well-fitting to a spherical cavity of the pelvic bones, the second element of the joint. Due to the spherical form of articulated surfaces of this joint multi-axis, ie articulated in its bones have the opportunity to perform three types of movements, allowing the movement of the legs in six directions. Man is able to make a leg forward and retract as it happens while walking, take the leg to the side and in towards the other foot, and finally turning it around the long axis and clockwise in the opposite direction, so that the fingers instead of its normal position can be rotated and the right and left. When a person makes the usual step, his foot on which he had just drawn, rotated with respect to the human body by about 57 , with the femoral head, sliding on the surface of the acetabulum, is a path equal to 2 centimeters. Pressure on the femoral head the entire mass of the human body is sufficiently large.

When a person with a body weight about 70 kilograms of compliance with immobility, relying on both legs, his hips falls load equal to 55-60 kilograms. However, the actual pressure experienced by these joints, much more – it is 1,6 times greater than the weight based on their body parts. This is because the center of gravity of the human body is not located directly above the line connecting the femoral head, and therefore to maintain a vertical posture several major pelvic muscles contract, the force pressing the surface articulated to each other and not allowing the body to bend. Therefore, the real pressure on these joints have semidesyatikilogrammovogo person reaches 95 pounds, and if he has behind him a backpack, which weighs 20 kilograms, the pressure will grow to 125 kilograms. For porter, who had raised on his back a sack of flour weighing 50 kilograms, it increases up to 175 pounds, well, how much pressure have hips athlete-lifter, lifting heavy rod, count yourself. Bone are highly durable.

Tibia human being in an upright position, is able to withstand the weight of 1800 pounds, and thigh – a half tons, the weight of the average car. Crushed bone much harder than breaking. At high bone strength, however, have brittle, and therefore injuries, bruises, falls are often accompanied by fractures. Most frequently occurring fractures of the femur in her neck. The fact that the shape of the femur, in contrast to other long bones, is far from the ideal line. With an advanced human neck of femur moves away from its main part at an angle of 115 to 140 . In other words, the upper part of the femur is shaped like an arc. Therefore, when falling on his legs apart or side bending of the bone is strengthened, and in the neck, the thinnest part, there is a fracture.