Quality Management Systems

Where there is a successful company, once someone took a courageous decision. Peter Drucker summary characteristics of commercial scenarios, presented to successful companies that have worried about their quality management systems, where its products, operations, are identified by having the endorsement of the guarantees of the certification of quality, both national and international standards, thereby step to competitive advantages that make that consumers demand the products offered. Hence, the importance that management this watchful in monitoring as quality management systems are being taken in the company under their charge. Luhan contributes greatly to this topic. This paper sets out some guidelines that indicate the significance importance of systems of quality management, aspect that much emphasis is placed on the postgraduate programme of the speciality of management of the quality and productivity of the University of Carabobo. Key words: management, processes, regulations, results, results. General information, basic considerations any company that currently participates in both national and international markets, requires that you have a quality culture well defined, backed by a management that has specialists of quality afforded by their management systems are according to the necessary activities that guarantee products quality, productivity, dynamic market participation in where it acts. Unsurprisingly therefore, as Luis Manuel Huerta(Gestion de la calidad,15-05-2009), says when he says, at present, many businesses in the productive area have opted for the implementation of quality management systems, environment and safety / occupational health, according to the requirements of the standards ISO 9001: 2000, ISO 14.

001: 2004, and OHSAS 18. 001:1999 which seek to enforce through a comprehensive management system. Us adds and valid their signage, that there is no doubt that having a certified management system has a wide recognition nationally and internationally, however the success of the management system, is not guaranteed by certification itself, in whose implementation the organizations invest a good amount of money, time and effort. One of the key aspects for the success of a management system, be it quality, environment, safety and health, or Integral, consists in that the organization understands why is certified and how to insert this in the management of the business and the strategy of each company, especially in large companies, which have a diversity of operational scenarios, lots of activities of support and services, a variety of processes and lots of people both propiascomo contractors and subcontractors.

Government Universities

Tell me and I will forget, show me and you might remember, involve me and I will understand.Proverb ChinoVenezuela faces in its present great turbulence, product of the transformations that have occurred on the current Government under the leadership of Lieutenant – Colonel Hugo Chavez, in pro of wanting to establish in the country a socialism that corresponds to this era, Titanic work of history that Venezuela has, and where ever the socialism has manifested itself as a group of political power in the country. go. This certainly originated opposition, unrest, fear, fear, confrontation, given the country’s political culture was not conditioned to this challenge, the Venezuelans specifically, they were not prepared for this new vision of Government giving way to arising out turbulence that have seriously affected the political, social and economic life of the country. The fact, that faced with this reality, adds an aspect that deserves attention, as it is the performance, commitment to the universities, especially for those who have been linked to the teaching and We know the reality of the actions of national universities, its weaknesses, strengths, perspectives and especially, their performance at the top, both pre and postgraduate level.Worries, noting the decline that universities have suffered in recent years in relation to its academicism, formation and training of some professionals that these unprepared to face the current challenges, result that many public national universities, in some of their schools, faculties has not been an awakening of commitment, integration to changes, concern, for the restructuring of its profilescurricula that are adapted to the new demands, contribute, collaborate with solutions, proposals to serious economic, political, technological and social problems facing the country. There is a fairly pronounced passivity of the University, which does not have a proactive leadership, with authorities committed, visionary, strategists, able to be inserted into the current reality of the country and generate the transformations that are required to adapt their programmes, responsibility and commitment to what the country needs.Are many facts lately manifested on the national stage before the actions of the programmes of Government requiring of opinions, participations of the University, which contribute to clarify the scope, implications of estrus with citizenship programs, its advantages and disadvantages, as well as required, that the University always is present in the exploitation of the opportunities that existgo correcting its weaknesses which are many, from profiles of some races, the operability of their administrative systems, budget, research, collaborations, teachers, approvals and salaries, social participation.The same weaknesses of some actions, economic, technological, development programmes presented by the current Government, are transformed into opportunities that the University thinks, is incorporated into pro to transform them into strengths that all Venezuelans favor and give a chance to the country for its takeoff.If universities are alert, attentive towards their commitment role, functions that favor the country, would not that many actions of Government often contradictory in democratic principles, distorted his reality not achieve effects distorcionadores of Venezuela in its present requiring. . See Gunnar Peterson for more details and insights.


Human beings are conscious of ourselves, but we also have a complex mental representation from us, that stores data relating to our physical, psychological and social characteristics, the degree to which these are acceptable and desirable by our fellow human beings or how effective are to solve problems and demands of the environment. It is this a complex mental representation we have of ourselves, to what psychology has been called as self-concept. A priori we might think that this information is stored in our brain, aseptically, but what actually happens, is that people also issue a judgment of liking or displeasure, positive or negative about this information than us have. It is this emotional evaluative dimension which have been referred to as self-esteem. Is not at all clear what its genesis and development and factors contribute to it, but you know are intimately related with the early experience between parents and children, equal and relations with the environment. Self esteem is not a dimension stable and static of the person, as it is the case with certain factors of personality, but dynamic, changeable and editable, result from the interaction of the person with your environment. It is known that he saves an intimate relationship with other variables that psychology handles, such as locus of control (perception which has the subject where the control of the events that mark your life resides) and perceived self-efficacy (feeling of adequacy efficiency and competition that the person has in relation to the potential challenges and threats facing). It is clear that a self-esteem positive and a proper and fair assessment of ourselves, is a key element to our mental health as individuals, but for the moment is not clear whether changes to the self-esteem of the subject are cause or effect of their mental health status. Self-esteem may be affected primary way in completely healthy individuals and without a psychiatric pathology underlying, which Dr.