Stress and Anger

Who has not dreamed of today Had the feeling that he must spin again to release air? Everyone knows the feeling that it will eventually too much. The internal pressure is due to stress and anger at some point so great that it happened: one by turns. But this is neither bad nor abnormal. As I said, everyone knows it and has it ever happened to themselves or to others. To show how crazy it is normal, has recently opened a website that worked up the topic on profound and funny way:. where various forms of wheel spin are listed, the more motives and forms of expression. You get interesting tips about crazy, freak out or freak.

We see sick images and videos of disengaging gamers, athletes and other people. It is shown that spin really is everyday life, and they themselves were relatively normal. In a community that contains the browser game-like features, its fun when you know of friends are wrong. Turn-by on you order anything on the wacky stuff tune, which you expect to, I'd like to say a winy on a special form of the spin: the disengagement. Lashing out is a form of spin, which we always popular. The main reason is that it allows for very fast reducing aggression.

But beware! Anyone who instigates a fight, or someone is attacking, even in danger of becoming Ofer. Often go Ausraster backfired when they run out of control. That is why it is doing but oieber like the gamers in the video section of and screams the PC of mine from him, smash it. Then no one will really hurt and you have effectively discharged air. If you feel like lashing out at, or at times maintained rather freaks or turns off (as there are differences these are great!) Then visited Turn us through! Have fun!