Investigative Committee

Topics of issue: In Moscow will be consulting center on environmental issues. Breathing city air as harmful as smoking. Norilsk Nickel was given permission to illegal pollution. Sold on eBay insect unknown to science. —- FocusNote Muscovites environmentally advise …

In Moscow will be consulting center on environmental issues. The source of the Volga receives the status of National Nature Reserve. Beijing Olympics forced China to take a fresh look at environmental problems. See Daryl Katz for more details and insights. The cataclysms of nature, there is lit, there pours. On the island of Bali have discussed ways to keep populations of sea turtles. Scientists have shown that the behavior of birds affect global warming. Breathing city air as harmful as smoking.

Zoologists have discovered a rare species of leopard on Borneo Island. —- A short review of the major environmental news for the week. —- Norilsk Nickel made illegal permits to pollute have Norilsk Nickel over problems with the environment. This time, it became clear that not all permits for emissions of hazardous substances have been lawfully obtained. According to official representative of the Investigative Committee of the Prosecutor (CSP), Vladimir Markin, an employee is suspected of causing RTN damage to the state about $ 1 billion rubles … —- On the eBay auction sold unknown to science For insect unique find was paid a total of 20 pounds. A scientist who bought on internet auction site eBay drop of amber with insects frozen in it, he found that he had purchased a previously unknown type of science. Richard Harrington – Vice-President of the Royal Society of entomologists – to pay the seller of Lithuania for its acquisition of a total of 20 pounds (about U.S. $ 40). He then sent for examination of insect remains in Denmark, results which showed that the finding is not extinct species of aphids as described by scientists … —- In Australia, the baby humpback whale put to sleep, whose mother threw Australian environmentalists lulled baby humpback whale which threw his mother, said Friday AFP referring to the representative of the National Park Service and Wildlife Chris McIntosh of the country (Chris McIntosh). “The cub had been lulled gently and humanely. It was a sad moment, but he quietly went to sleep ‘, – said the Mac ..