For Mahan

' ' Vitamin C meets in the nature under two forms: reduced or oxidated (acid deidroascbico); both are equally active, however the oxidated form this very exactly spread out in you substantiate them natural. The transformation of the AA in acid deidroascbico occurs normally in the interior of the organism and is reversible, allowing that one of its substances can always be transformed into outra.' ' (AZULAY et al., 2003, P. 265? 266). For Mahan and Stump (1998, P. 112) ' ' vitamin C promotes resistance the infections through the imunolgica activity of the leukocytes, of the production of interferon, the process of inflammatory reaction or the integrity of the membranes mucosas.' ' In accordance with the site,, ' ' vitamin C can react with the free radicals, actuando as choke of free radicals. In such a way, vitamin C possesss a protector effect on the cell, including the material gentico.' ' WC apud Padilha and Pinheiro (2004, P. 256) detaches that ' ' vitamin C (acid ascrbico) has its possible mechanism of action as choke of carcinognese mammary also based in the defense antioxidante.' ' The serious deficiency of acid ascrbico cause escorbuto The classic symptoms include hiperceratose to folicular, swelled and inflamed gengivas, loss of teeth, dryness of the mouth and the eyes, loss of hair and dry skin and pruriente.' ' (MAHAN; STUMP, 1998, P. 114).

Mahan and Stump (1998, p.114) affirm that this vitamin possesss as better sources ' ' fruits and vegetables, preferably, acdicas, cool e, when necessary, quickly cozidas in very little water and served imediatamente.' ' ' ' An orange offers to all the daily amount of necessary vitamin C to the organism. (DUARTE, 2006, P. 86). Vitamin and or tocoferol can be found ' ' in great amount in oleoginosos vegetables: embryo of wheat, seed of sunflower, coroo of cotton, oil of dend, peanut, maize and soja.' ' (DUARTE, 2006, P.