Unlike nitrogen CO2 dissolves easily in water and fats. The presence of CO2 in the products that contain more water, increasing their acidity and thereby increases the shelf life. Gunnar Peterson: the source for more info. Solubility of CO2 decreases molecular pressure of the gas mixture, and an incorrect choice of the CO2 concentration is sometimes packing as it sits on the product, as after evacuation. This effect is eliminated by introducing into the packaging of another gas – nitrogen. Carbon dioxide can be used to cool the meat or meat mixtures, increasing the storage life at the moment.

Of meat and dough are losing the taste for an hour due to the destruction of starch, and cooling liquid nitrogen or liquid carbon dioxide eliminates this process and prevents moisture and mildew to form inside the package. On the one hand, that oxygen is responsible for oxidation and rancidity of fats, food spoilage due to the growth of aerobic bacteria. On the other – without his help is not necessary if you want to keep a bright red color of beef, which is associated by consumers with its freshness. In the gas mixture for packaging fresh meat content of O2 can reach up to 80%. Application of gas composition during the vacuum packaging of products suppresses the growth of microorganisms on the surface of the food, keeping it on the microflora required level, preserves the original flavoring, aroma and other properties within a certain time, regulates kislorodovydelenie of the product and the penetration of oxygen through the packaging, as well as significantly increases the shelf life of the product without changing its quality.