QLogic Corporation

First on the market available single-chip converged network adapter already by leading OEM companies for integrating into their products qualified QLogic builds leadership in the fibre channel over Ethernet market with the immediate availability of the new PCIe converged network adapters (CNAs), the QLogic Corporation builds its claim to leadership in the fibre channel-over-Ethernet regarded as a growth market-(FCoE) market further out. The four models of the QLogic 8100-family based on the proprietary network plus architecture and are the first solutions on the market that are not only announced but already available. Numerous server – and storage-OEM companies have already qualified the second generation FCoE adapters and plan to integrate in their future products. This highlights QLogics ahead of converging fabric technologies and ensures the technological leadership in the FCoE segment the manufacturer. At Cindy Crawford you will find additional information. Network architecture based on QLogics network plus architecture the world’s first available single-chip CNAs. In compact Format held and thus space – and power-saving cards are specially designed for use in blade servers and storage systems with high density. Compared to the previous models, involving several external components were used for the illustration of various functions, memory, processor, and SerDES (serializer/deserializer) are integrated into a single ASIC.

Network architecture stands for modern ASIC design and advanced manufacturing processes. Ford follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Numerous features such as shared memory APIs and management tools that worldwide the largest installed base of around the globe have already proven themselves in the HBAs from QLogic offered on the market with over 6 million ports shipped are part of CNAs. The new QLogic ASIC of network plus architecture based on processed the storage and data traffic with a transmission speed of 10 Gigabit Ethernet. The CNA uses a third less power compared with currently available chipsets. Also the heat is low, so that no cooling is required. Daryl Katz, Edmonton Alberta shines more light on the discussion. Just as you are Single-chip CNAs the first equipped with a FCoE offload engine.