Motor Safety In Bad Weather

Not so long ago were covered 1000km in 30 hours. Piston skated over 10000km and it is still in good condition, only the ring to replace Preparing for dalnyaku. How to prepare for dalnyaku? You can take anything that might come in handy on the road and it will remind one children's poem, where the fisherman was going on a fishing trip and loaded on the boat all the contents Apartments in bringing the boat capsized But he took all the necessary Scooter, unlike a car, has a small and therefore only need to take something without which the road is necessary. 1. For even more details, read what Ford says on the issue. Tool kit. 2. Necessary repair kit wheels. Katie Greene helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. 3.

Belt variator 4. Candle 5. Oil 6. Knife (must always carry a knife) This is the necessary minimum which is not afraid to go not only beyond the city limits, but you can leave the area. Moto tourism draws and each time you want to go farther and farther away. And the minimal required set of things starting to grow. Well firstly the weather in different cities may be different and we must be prepared to weather changes.

So I started vozi with a raincoat. Hit by rain is not good, especially if up to the house to go and go Eventually, I started more or less understanding of the transmission that is not unimportant in mototouristik and off-road driving. For his scooter at the I have several options for setting the variator. Someone sets up the clutch, but here I am changing the weights.

Tokyo Motor Show

The first series Impreza existed for almost 8 years, until 2000 it been replaced by the second generation model. Updated Impreza wrx are equipped with enhanced 155 – and 250-horsepower engine. At the same time the Japanese decided to release the third version of the Impreza – wrx STi with more powerful 280-horsepower engine. Construction wrx STi contained advanced 6-speed manual gearbox, reinforced wheel drive with high resistance to overload, and brand brakes Brembo. Custom exterior of the Subaru Impreza was cause of restyling the model in 2002. Athletes representing Subaru in rally racing, complained about the inability to install additional lighting on the cars for full control over the highway. In addition, aerodynamic housing left much to be desired. As a result, front end design machine has been substantially revised.

The third and perhaps most controversial version of the all-wheel drive sports car appeared in the Japanese showrooms in the summer of 2006. In Russia and Europe new car will appear in the spring of 2008. The Japanese did not depart from tradition – the style Impreza still recalls thinking outside engineers. It is engineers, because, judging by appearances, the last designer has long left the Subaru. With regard to shape car, then even though the "bulk" and disharmony Chuck, difficult to apply to the Impreza are any patterns. Subaru he is Subaru; this is the only automaker, which led to perceive the design of their cars for granted. If other companies' mistakes are unacceptable in appearance and immediately reflected in sales, in the case of Subaru's lack of modernity and elaborate designs drawn almost at an advantage. The third Impreza has a comfortable cabin, solid complete set that includes 6 airbags, energy-saving motors, rear spoiler in the "base" and the second folding number of seats.

Interestingly, for the European markets (in particular for the Russian) the car will be delivered only in the version of "hatch", as opposed to just the sedan to U.S. buyers. New Subaru Impreza received petrol engines with capacity of 110 (1,5 l) and 140 hp (2 liters) and a fully redesigned rear of the suspension. Version of the wrx has onboard 2.5-liter turbine capacity of 224 hp All modifications to cars can be equipped with mechanical or five-speed automatic transmission. nterer Impreza order of magnitude more attractive exterior, interior ennobled stylish aluminum trim. Seat in the car ergonomic, with good lateral support. The latest innovation from Subaru – Impresa wrx sti was recently presented at the Tokyo Motor Show. Technical parameters of the fastest Impreza astonishing. From the gasoline engine rather modest volume – 2 x Japanese experts to squeeze as much as 300 hp! Torque news reaches 441 Nm (4400 rpm). Car needs just 5 seconds then to accelerate to 100 km / h top speed limit – 240 km / h. wrx sti received a cost-effective 6-speed gearbox, fuel consumption was reduced to 6.7 liters per "Hundred". On sale in Russia in 2008 Impreza wrx sti will go next spring. Screen oftentimes addresses this issue. Next year the Japanese carmaker also promises to surprise fans of the sports car first ever brand car with a diesel engine.