The Magic Of Childhood

“Never lose the magic of childhood. It is too important and is what keeps us alive. Do not complain, just work harder. Find the best in the world. You may have to wait a long time, but eventually people will show their best side. The goal is not to fulfill the dreams, but how your dreams guide your life. If you manage your life the right way, karma will do the rest. And dreams will come true you. ” adds us about it, going through his photographs of children, Randy talked about life and how to realize the dreams and, more importantly, how to help others realize theirs: a Algo is even divertidoa . A real showman, the teacher spun his speech with a lot of phrases ironic: a Oeno let’s talk about spirituality or religion, although I will say that yesterday I experienced a conversion on my deathbed: I bought a Macintosh . Among his dreams cited, for example, a experimentar zero gravity, a Oeser Disney designer , a jugar in NFLa or write an article in the World Book Encyclopedia.

The first one did not succeed at first, because NASA did not accept to participate in an experiment. But Pausch is not gave up and got to experience the lack of gravity in a parabolic flight. Conclusion: a The walls against which collide are there for a reason. Not to dissuade us, but to give us the opportunity to show how much we want something. The walls are there to arrest those who do not want something as suficientea . a Todo is reduced to the pillars. It should be good grounds for if not, nothing else funcionaa he added in another part of his lecture. Pauch is said that Randy was able to win was very young. He is considered one of the leaders of virtual technology and video games. His most celebrated project called Alice and is a program that allows anyone to create 3D animations with ease. a Al Like Moses, I have seen the Promised Land, but I will not get to tread. All right. Alicea continue living in . Instructed his students and future generations to design videogames without sex and violence. Cuantos 19 year old girl is left blank if you can take these two possibilities!

Finally, Professor Pausch admitted that he prepared this lecture just to record them and leave it to Dylan, Logan and Chloe, her three children 5, 2 and 1 year. In fact, has gone further and has asked the university do not allow copyright and so his words can be heard by anyone who wants it. Definitely, there is no denying that the prof. Pausch has left a message, a considerable emotional state, showing how their evolution defindo this karmic knowledge regarding the transition to face death with serenity. This state of consciousness represents, which is clearly identified with the reality of leaving this plane, despite the emotional ties that bind with their family. without attachment to any unit. Very laudable its position and actions. a Industrial Engineer-manager, lawyer. UC, EGADE (ITESM), Graduate Master of Business Administration, quality and productivity, education Ed.D. Professor and Researcher, Area Faces UC Graduate. Consultant-Business Advisory Deproimca Exatec.