The sentimental questions are those that greater sinking they cause to the human heart. Without money, million people survive day day. But without love, the human being would not last nor a moment. He is known that new born they die in the nurseries of the hospitals if affection is not provided to them, contact, affection. He is not for want of food, is for want of love.

This phenomenon so studied by the Dr. Ren Spitz, is called Hospitalismo, and is an indication that more the human being needs than nothing love to live. In order to help us with these so important questions it is the Tarot of the Love. The Tarot of the Love is a distance especially designed to realise consultations in the sentimental plane. It will allow us to know, for example, if that person with whom we are is the adapted one for us. It will say or us that not yet it is our time, that we must wait for so that the love arrives at our door.

Not to be hopeless, but to hope, with heart calm, because the Tarot of the Love does not say to us that we will remain single for always, but we must wait for, that the happiness it will arrive at our lives. The Tarot of the Love will help us to be able to determine if that person who today accompanies to us is the person adapted for us, or if on the contrary, its presence will be only cause of pains and grief. The Tarot of the Love will speak with clarity, and is in us knowing how to listen to its advice. Often it happens that we do not want to listen to that hurts to us, that the Tarot of the Love must to communicate to us, because we felt that simply we are not ready for the bad news. In order to avoid the suffering to us to listen to the truths that the Tarot of the Love must to say to us, we preferred to follow with the daily grief that carries to us to be with that it does not want to us. A certainly very sad election. It is necessary to temper the heart so the Tarot of the Love has for us, or good or bad. Often we have plans for our lives, we think that we chose what we wished, when in fact the life surprises day to us day with things that nor we were expected. The unknown what happens is what prevents that one has the control, takes the reins of its life. For that, the Tarot of Love will give much information us, of extreme utility. If it is good, we will celebrate. If it is sad, we will prepare ourselves so it is approached. The Tarot of the Love is the key to check the grief of the heart and to gain the necessary confidence that person that we are looking for, in a moment will arrive at our lives.