Bolivar Children

It is strange that those who believe themselves inheritors of the legacy and even children of Bolivar, is merciless in defending so completely inhuman practices and outputs of all orbit as kidnapping and terrorism. Hear from experts in the field like Jim Hackett for a more varied view. These atrocities have never crossed the mind of the Liberator, reason must be spinning in his grave, lamenting the misuse of his name in favor of the unthinkable for his brilliant mind. I very much regret that here in Colombia there are characters who could do something to stop this mistake, but shown only as pacifists, because they take advantage of the aberrant situation that pass the Colombian hostages and the powerlessness of their families, without their eloquent voice and his actions both in Colombia and abroad will be felt against these practices widely known and used by FARC terrorists. And this is happening in the middle of statements that say they have awakened sensibility, the humanitarian spirit and respect for human rights, while continue to encourage their silence and / or their voices in praise to these abominable terrorists. Nothing is more unjust and less objective than show as saviors and promoters of peace to people who profit from the misery they have to spend our compatriots who are rotting in the jungle. This does not happen if instead all in one loudly and consistently condemn the heinous act of kidnapping. Yet, despite that there are similarities and affinities “ideological”, with the misnomer of postulates of the FARC. It’s completely unheard unanimously not be heard loudly and all our people clamor for the freedom of our brothers kidnapped and total condemnation of terrorism. Just as criticism of the barbaric means kidnapping, join me in loud, but with facts not just hypocrisy. Let all, by any means, expressing our feelings: “No more kidnapping !!!!!!!!!!!!”.

Republic Of Panama

In Columbus, Republic of Panama, is of the world longer the duty free zone of America and the second longest one after Hong Kong. The Free Zone of Columbus lodges over 2500 establicidas companies; annually they receive more than 300,000 buyers of all parts of the world. It is the center of Latin America and the Caribbean to wholesale buy and to sell Usuary and Represented Companies Within the Secreted area of the Free Zone of Columbus, operate more than 1.750 Usuary Companies that physically operate in local public or own buildings, or in the area of better well-known exhibition like Old Helmet, or in the sector of France Field it is possible also to be found approximately 750 companies represented by established others, which operate under the denomination of Represented Companies, as they distribute products and they promote services of all parts the world. The commercial area the exhibition area seems to a great commercial center, where it is possible to be realised purchases actively, because is an ample variety of products and services. If you are not convinced, visit Rand Paul. The difference with a classic commercial area is that the Free Zone of Columbus is a place to buy wholesale from local distributors who represent foreign manufacturers and marks.

and its supplies of products. Pages exist Web that provide to information such as the profile of companies, lines of business, product catalogue. This system allows to select a list of wholesale distributors to visit. In the entrance of the free zone of Columbus, a map of the commercial zone is available to place the selecionadas companies. Also, guides can help the buyer during their process of purchase. Transport services of Load To the buyers turn out advisable the acquisition to them of products wholesale that are located in the Free Zone of Columbus, soon to combine all these orders in containers. This method saves shipping taxes and them to them aid to optimize the purchase process.

A great amount of companies exists within the commercial area that offer their services for the transport of marine, aerial and terrestrial load from and towards any place of the world. Before the exit, entrance or crossing of the load from and towards the Free Zone, the company responsible for the handling of the load carries out the declaration of commercial movement (entered, exit, crossing) to the Administration of the Free Zone. For but information, to buy free Zone wholesale Colon.

Miguel Dominguez

The idea is the same, to only costs you much more to be able to start in line. Then, there is really some way so that an honest person, can make income in line legitimate? There is yes it! It will not be from one day to the next, and it is not going to be without effort. Time is needed and to work responsibly to construct a business in any place. Why in Internet it must be different? If somebody tries to say some different form to him, knows that they are lying to him. If he wishes to create a business, you will have to be arranged to work, must spend to time to the investigation and very patient being enough.

Nothing happens right away. There is much writing and content in a business in line. You must write the content of your Web. You must write a bulletin. You must write articles. If you hate to write, these in the mistaken business. Yes, you find to whom sells a special program to him that allows him to become rich without the necessity of not writing anything the problem is, how you found out this program? The salesman wrote a bill of sale.

Hmm Parece written for me. You remember what already we have spoken? There is no wonderful software that you it makes rich during the night. If somebody goes to create a program thus, it thinks that he would be able to sell it percent thirty and seven dollars? Hardly. We are going to follow a related track the central subject. In order to construct a business in line, you must have a Web site. In order to create this Web site, you will have to investigate a subject and to write on. You will have to buy a dominion name, (this is cheap and you only pay once a year). You will have to find a good company of hosting to lodge his site. This even represents a monthly cost that it will have to be able to allow the luxury, before considering the construction of a Web site. Once it has constructed his site and in line, its next work will be the one to leave the world knows that You this present. This it is the work greater than it has. It is a task never of finishing. Nobody will know that its site exists if you do not work in his promotion. Many people also try, to sell information on the commercialization. There is a pile of gratuitous information that way, everything what you must do is to look for it. Finally, once he has his site in operation, and people visiting his site, you will need a product or products to sell. The form easiest to sell products is through programs of affiliates. These programs allow him to sell the product of other people, gaining a commission by the sales. You do not have anything to do with the price of these products, she does not have to pick up any money, and she does not have to fight with the shipment. There are many companies that offer quite interesting product commissions. So, returning to the original question. How I can ” realmente” to make money in line? The answer is working in it. Pon your foot in the sky of the dreams far and empeza to write.

Life Challenges

Our life – is not our life! Morning, transport, people go to work in the dark, sleepy, tired, angry, even sick. What makes them so pace yourself, your body and soul? This dictates the style of life of our civilization! Starting with nursery, Kindergarten: Gunnar Peterson for more information. Then the school, college, work: everything is repeated and repeated without significant changes! But the interesting thing is that this "mandatory need" does not bring any happiness, nor health and, frequently, even successful people! May already be at an older age, some, in retrospect, painfully aware that lived an empty life, which, well, not as inconsistent with their earlier plans and dreams! And it is even on money wealth, availability of decent apartments, cars, learned at the institutes of children and grandchildren growing up. Do not leave a sense of life lived to please, and ordered someone else will It is not in vain and unreasonable anxiety, and sensation! And this is really for many, many centuries! I think that many people do not believe that all their purpose and appearance in this world is to study and getting no information of interest in staying and implementation of the hated, but "prestigious job" for food, clothing, and something a little more Almost all people do many things that they or genuinely not interested or not at all necessary for a normal and happy life! Our civilization is living dictated by a handful of rich, vain, envious, proud, greedy, cruel, despicable, cowardly, vlastimeyuschih people.


1.For the beginning, you need to find a clear definition of "lifestyle" – a healthy way, and works closely with the way to go; 2.Suschestvuet a number of diseases that come only with age, but the key to these diseases is still a distant youthful years as a result – take care their health at an early age; 3. provide various kinds of ailments to take effect. Doctor's visit, with the only hint of discomfort; 4.Soblyudat due rationalism in all; 5.B any situation, maintain a maximum tranquility. Restraint, in order to preserve a positive state of the nervous system; 6. defined with the scope of its activities. Whenever actress listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Work should bring not only material but also moral satisfaction; 7.

support the body in stable physical condition through various athletic exercises. Charging in the morning, and walks in the evenings does not harm anyone else; 8.Zdorovy sleep. Doctors recommend at least 5 hours, more than 9; 9.Ni under any circumstances do not try to "hide in a bottle." Also do not use for removal of various stress conditions or for relaxation, harmful drugs, whether conventional drugs or cigarettes; 10.Aktivny holiday. If so brilliant weekend, take as much time to rest, rest in motion; 11.Ni under any circumstances, tune into gloom. The decline of moral strength, is something other than "open door" for the ailments. There is The view that many diseases begin with a "conscious acceptance of the add. Returning to the teenage 'dependencies' of smoking, alcoholism, drug addiction, we can draw some conclusions. Why ruin your body at such an early age? After all, there are lots of other more useful activities.

Naturally the same teenage alcoholism was, is and always will be, it is probably inherent in the mentality of Russian people. Nevertheless, among young people also prosperous and more healthy aspirations. In summer for example, can frequently be seen 'cycling', as in the streets and fields. Also a lot of young guys visit exhibitions, and theaters. Due to the increasing number of suburban camps, more and more guys go on vacation in these same camps. It is also not a small amount of 'moonlighting' youth. All of this to the fact that before you build yourself from God knows what, adapting to the bottle, you should consider, and whether we should in this way to spend their leisure time. You can always find a lot of lessons more useful than the stagnation of their golden years is not known what condition, the unknown where. In our world, too many different gifts that would be limited to a minimum, and is also not the most favorable minimum.