The Body In The Modern Society

Recently I went to the University of Blanquerna (Barcelona) where I was invited to char them on the body in the present society, I will try to mold the ideas that I found interesting plus mine the own ones and hope that mixture of ingredients of by result a tempting end for the reader. We are conscious of our body or simply it accompanies to us there where we go? He is not peculiar that you say I have headache instead of I feel headache ? Parece that our body is something that they have given us we must and it drag with us, who are something rather physical, heavy, annoying sometimes instead of being something that allows us to feel, an elongation of we ourself What to where I want to go to stop? , to as we treated that body in the society that we lived. I will try to show several examples of what we do with I will focus and it as person and as professional of the sport. I would like to center me in two of the pathologies which every time have more height, unfortunately, in the modern society: Anorexy and Vigorexia. These pathologies are reflected by the treatment which we put under our body.

Fijaos from which date the first data of this pathology come, 1347 Santa Catherine de Siena that the 7 years begins to reject foods and in its adolescence only ingest bread and grass. The first medical references date from century XVI consequently seems that it is not a pathology that has been arising for 4 days but in long it of history they appear many cases. Vigorexia, called the anorexy of the 90, is denominated thus by psychiatrist G. Pope and it considers a mental upheaval after a study on the addict ones to the musculacin American, in particular on 9 million, it declared that near 1 million they suffered this emotional disorder.