The Sporting Classic Winter Hiking

Efficient and healthy training in cold weather snow flakes dance playfully through the skies, trees and lawns are covered with white, glittering snow and the cold winter air is clear and fresh, such a winter Idyll can be wonderfully athletic actively experienced. So, why not go outside go, even at temperatures around freezing point? Just the fresh snow-covered landscapes enchant wandering explorers with a very special winter romance. The sporting balance conveys not only a fascinating nature, winter hiking is also an effective workout, which positively affects physical fitness, health and weight management. With the appropriate technical equipment, active people can efficiently train your stamina and muscles, support essential body functions, and to get rid of a few extra pounds. Special hiking utensils: pedometer support effective walking training can easily use of special walking tools passionate hikers the training efficiency their Favorite sport support and control. A particularly useful feature in this regard is the so-called walking-intensity indicator, which is referred to as a MET (metabolic equivalents or metabolic equivalents). This feature displays the intensity of movement in relation to the intensity in the idle state.

As a perfect companion for winter walking the walking provides, for example, exact values to the intensity and effectiveness of the current experience of walking style X by Omron Healthcare. The MET display ranges from 2 MET MET 4. 1 MET are average in sitting position and walking at normal speed 3 MET consumes. The more intensive physical activity, the higher the metabolic equivalent. With the handy pedometer by Omron, hikers can track exactly how much their walking intensity was within the last minute and at an intense workout try to reach the 4 MET mark. In addition, the walking provides X style the number of steps, measures the distance traveled and calculates the resulting amount of burnt calories while walking. Are users able to monitor the intensity of their movement and know exactly how many calories at what intensity level will be consumed.