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News from the fitness hotline GmbH of the best body nutrition athlete Frank Trtschka has cracked on March 17 in the Plauen colonnades equal 2 records: Ergometer 100 h without sleep and continue Ergometer 200 h on the piece. His place in the Guinness Book of world records is it safe: Frank Trtschka has last Wednesday equal to 2 best brands on the Ergometer he rides: take 100 hours without sleep and 200 hours at a time. The old record in duration cycling was 192 hours. He was raised by the Swiss Mehrzad Shirvani, the Frank Trtschka helped his world record attempt in Plauen. The skydiver was allowed to pause each only 5 minutes per hour and had to comply with at least a speed of 20 km/h.

Many regional clubs and sports enthusiasts took part and went with for a good purpose in addition to Frank Trtschka. Via a live stream, you could follow at any time with the current intermediate results on the Internet. What did Frank Trtschka is a huge athletic and mental performance. Meanwhile the characters were however not so well, that he the world record cracks: health problems occurred, the Achilles tendon was inflamed, his legs swollen and he had knee problems. Thanks to the medical care, these problems were but get in the handle, so that ultimately over 4,000 miles on the odometer”, as Frank Martin von Best body nutrition. Frank Trtschka relied on our best body nutrition kick speed energy drinks. Our premium pro protein shakes also providing liquid protein, which has significantly helped to maintain its protein budget. “We congratulate Frank Trtschka on this outstanding athletic performance and also thank all those who have helped him to achieve his goal: the Medfachschule Bad Elster, power sport friend Stockigt, Intersport Hopfmann, seat Autohaus Plauen, Winforce, and last but not least, his personal Manager Heiko Gross, which backed him all the time.” Learn more about the best brand body are nutrition on the Internet at available.

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