Minisaunu Siberian Health Resort

Elena, a young mother 27 years: A year ago, had a son, pleasant bustle, but the time to care for a few remained. Behind the scenes put on weight as much as 18 kg, there was cellulitis. To return to previous form, tried to diet, but the strength and lacked the patience for long. Began looking for other ways to lose weight. Referred to the visit minisauny "Siberian Health Resort" in combination with anti-cellulite massage. Such a result I did not expect – a half months was as particularly graceful and beautiful.

Thanks balm "Marigold", "Cedar", "Walnut" skin became smooth and velvety, the cellulite has disappeared. True, dietary recommendations, I tried to comply with and 1-2 times a week attended classes in fitness. After the progress during every 1-2 weeks I go to a mini-sauna for maintenance. Vladimir, a master of sports of wrestling: In the past six months, apply minisaunu "Siberian health resort" for recreation and physical fitness after training and competition. Previously recovered in a conventional sauna, but the coach did not recommend frequent use of it, because there is an overload of the body. And with a mini-sauna me easily able to lose weight before the competition and take the lactic acid from muscles after workouts.

Another important point is that this procedure can be repeated after 1-2 days without damage to health. In addition, massage combined with mini-sauna helps me very well for tension and other injuries. Valentine, a housewife for 40 years: the winter of 2006 got minisaunu "Siberian Health Resort" for use in the family. Before that, I took a course of procedures in it at one of the medical centers, got acquainted with the positive effect that has a mini-sauna on the body. 1-3 times a week we will "parimsya." The doctor recommended that the medical center and the son (5 years) procedure in the "Cedar health resort, "but in a more delicate cycle (temperature 55-57 C, 5-7 minutes). Six months later, and we are already seeing how this is good for health. She lost 5 pounds, the skin look young and healthy, had a very troubled cystitis, and now I'm on it forgotten. Husband for herself opened it a terrific source to relieve stress and tension in the body, to cure "zastarevshuyu 'knee injury. A son during that time never got sick cold.