Social Revolution In The Sciences

THE SOCIAL REVOLUTION AS HOMONATROPIA history is full of "victories", and failures, among the first we highlight the "Industrial Revolution", in this era, the beginning, the population of Europe, especially, thought that would leave the late world of fields and small craft to go to a "better" animals away from large cities were consolidated in the world and is acceptable for "allegedly" managed to reach in areas such as medicine and other fields afflicting mankind. The doubt as to the scope doctors because if it is true that there have been improvements in the treatment of many diseases and although some have been "eradicated", is no less true that many so-called cures for these diseases have been brought collateral damage or side with them which forces them to seek more effective remedies creating a vicious circle where the only winner is responsible for setting up laboratories and marketing packaged medicines. The science calls, separated, divided, disintegrated, the subject of buying and selling market have created an alderman of life on planet earth. Be understood, medicine, biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics except that it is natural to use by the "illiterate", all other considerations in these social sciences, sociology, law, psychology, industrial relations, etc. Create a usable range of scattering by the market and its ability to control humans. Homonatropia For there is only one science, science as an emanation of the actions of human beings and the environment among their peers, aside here is important to review the context of the laws created to "regulate the action of individual compared with that of others "within the range of laws are social laws, labor, military, electoral, etc., etc.