Nor I do not import myself how much you earn. You will not see me to lie. To give up. I would lie on the color of my hair. On my height. My weight.

Even on my plans for the future. But I do not go to lie on what I feel. Exactly under torture. I can lie on my last night. On my last trip. But I could not support to lie on you for as. Not in the face. I can count a lie for my friends on its beauty.

I would say that he has the body of an athlete and a touch of master (although the deceit is discovered later). But I would not never lie when saying ' ' I you amo.' ' When saying that I am not in its. It does not make me to play. It does not make to say me ' ' no' ' when I want to say ' ' sim' '. It does not make me to leave its life because my heart goes off when call you me. I insist. He does not lose its time with me. I do not want to enter in its car if I will not be able to enter in its life. He does not say me of its past if I cannot live its Gift. You do not make plans with me if not to include me in its future. He does not present me to its relatives and its friends, if tomorrow I will be plus one He says me if you only want the truth. He says me when you do not want my presence only my body He calls me when you have something to say. But, please, he speaks when you me to leave to want me Reinaldo Mller > ' ' Reizinho' '