Interview With One Of The International Soccer Greats

Being held in six states on the east coast between teams of youngsters from 12 to 13 years. The champion will represent the U.S. at the World Juniors Masters Cup to be played back in South Africa and will feature 20 teams from different countries. The interview a few days ago we had the opportunity to talk with William about his participation in this tournament and other things, and this is what he told us: The Classified: How does it feel to be the spokesperson for youth tournament? Guillermo Barros Schelotto: Okay, I think it’s a great opportunity for kids his age playing football. EC: Do you think this type of program and the growth of soccer in this country and the seed is planted so that in the near future the United States is world champion? GBS: Selection (U.S.) has grown up and has shown, but must continue to invest time and effort to become one of the best in America. EC: Do you think that MLS has grown by the contribution of Hispanic players important as you? GBS: All players on a team are important, not only Hispanics but also the locals and those arriving from other countries. EC: You’re 36, do you think keep playing?, Would you like to be head coach? GBS: I feel good, I have a contract with Columbus in December and hope to renew and play at least another year. Berlin Rosen might disagree with that approach. Then I’ll start thinking about what I do, but of course I would like to continue in football and pursue a coaching career.