The Dissociate Diet

The thinning thus obtained is based solely on fat mass and does not attack the nitrogen capital. To follow this method, since no current is strictly protein food, dietary food should be used because they provide only prepared biologically valuable proteins, which guarantees the real short-term effectiveness. However, these treatments, albeit short-lived and pose no problems, should not be repeated too often. The dissociated diet is not based on limiting the amount of food but its distribution in the twenty-four hours a day. Breakfast can be free or only fruit and lunch at noon is a meal in which hyperglycemia be consumed at will bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, made of flour, sugar and pulses, the total exclusion hyper protien food such as meat, fish, eggs, milk and cheese. The dinner, hyper protein must be exactly the opposite, that is allowed in it at will, meat, fish, eggs, milk and totally unacceptable carbohydrates such as pasta, bread, rice, potatoes, made of flour, sugar and pulses. It is strictly forbidden to reverse the order, that is eaten for breakfast what is allowed for lunch and back: A meal rich in carbohydrates is detrimental to good liver function, may contribute to increase the values of cholesterol, fatty acids lipase and could undermine the night rest and be responsible for morning sickness small, pasty ass mouth, coated tongue, bad breath, headache and fatigue. When we have said is useful because the diet makes no warranties coupled with regard to an eventual weight gain, to the extent that this diet is distributive, not quantitative, ie imposes a distribution of food throughout the day, but leaves it in terms of quantity.

The dissociated diet is very useful especially for those who often eat out. Without finding difficulties and no comments waking or curiosity, at noon can order a starter of pasta or rice and a hearty second plate of mixed salad with a little oil, at night, first, a rich dish seasoned with mixed salad a little oil and, second, meat or fish, eggs or cheese. The dissociated diet, followed with precision, can provide satisfactory results: those who must maintain weight may well not win and who have failed other diets may lose weight at a rate of about 70-80 g per day, or about 2.5 kg. month.