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If it wishes to enter the business of foods, has certain things that you must know before embarking in the opening of his store of Mc Donald of the tax exemption, but better still, its own business food. First of all, you must identify the type of business that she has in such a way that you must know what is going to be known. The creation of an identity can be difficult, but soon, the consumers without a doubt the name will have a memory in such a way that year titles like " heladera" or " gallinero" for its restaurant or bar. To know the type business that him in doubt will be helped him to choose its equipment of kitchen and to hornear, to cook, to fry, to roast to the grill, utensils, set of dishes, tables and chairs, and the pleasures. Design of logo, although some industralists do not realize their importance, is a very powerful advertising tool. With a logo design, not only to announce, but also to create and to narrate a history to the public through an art work. On the other hand, the designs of the logo are easy to remember that the majority of the times, consumers can identify the logo, but sometimes to remember the name of the company was difficult. Letter M of McDonalds or the old one with glasses of Kentucky Fried Chicken is so identifiable that the children who as soon as they can walk, to delight with joy just by seeing those logo because for them, it is associated with the food. The color of its logo not only will help him to choose the colors of tiles and the walls, but also for the tables of dining room and chairs also. Maria Laura is expert in eaten business fast, and eaten fast and easy for but information please she visits: